Richard Höchenberger
Richard Höchenberger
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PsychoPy2: Experiments in behavior made easy
J Peirce, JR Gray, S Simpson, M MacAskill, R Höchenberger, H Sogo, ...
Behavior research methods 51, 195-203, 2019
& Lindeløv, JK (2019). PsychoPy2: Experiments in behavior made easy
J Peirce, JR Gray, S Simpson, M MacAskill, R Höchenberger, H Sogo, ...
Behavior research methods 51 (1), 195-203, 0
Higher sensitivity to sweet and salty taste in obese compared to lean individuals
S Hardikar, R Höchenberger, A Villringer, K Ohla
Appetite 111, 158-165, 2017
MNE-BIDS: Organizing electrophysiological data into the BIDS format and facilitating their analysis
S Appelhoff, M Sanderson, T Brooks, M van Vliet, R Quentin, C Holdgraf, ...
Journal of Open Source Software 4 (44), 1896, 2019
A reusable benchmark of brain-age prediction from M/EEG resting-state signals
DA Engemann, A Mellot, R Höchenberger, H Banville, D Sabbagh, ...
Neuroimage 262, 119521, 2022
A bittersweet symphony: Evidence for taste‐sound correspondences without effects on taste quality‐specific perception
R Höchenberger, K Ohla
Journal of neuroscience research 97 (3), 267-275, 2019
Delta activity encodes taste information in the human brain
R Wallroth, R Höchenberger, K Ohla
Neuroimage 181, 471-479, 2018
MNE-ICALabel: Automatically annotating ICA components with ICLabel in Python
A Li, J Feitelberg, AP Saini, R Höchenberger, M Scheltienne
Journal of Open Source Software 7 (76), 4484, 2022
Nonlinear response speedup in bimodal visual-olfactory object identification
R Höchenberger, NA Busch, K Ohla
Frontiers in Psychology 6, 1477, 2015
Visual–olfactory interactions: Bimodal facilitation and impact on the subjective experience
S Amsellem, R Höchenberger, K Ohla
Chemical senses 43 (5), 329-339, 2018
Estimation of olfactory sensitivity using a Bayesian adaptive method
R Höchenberger, K Ohla
Nutrients 11 (6), 1278, 2019
Superadditive and Subadditive Neural Processing of Dynamic Auditory-Visual Objects in the Presence of Congruent Odors
K Ohla, R Höchenberger, J Freiherr, JN Lundström
Chemical senses 43 (1), 35-44, 2018
Rapid estimation of gustatory sensitivity thresholds with SIAM and QUEST
R Höchenberger, K Ohla
Frontiers in Psychology 8, 981, 2017
A new gustometer: Template for the construction of a portable and modular stimulator for taste and lingual touch
CA Andersen, L Alfine, K Ohla, R Höchenberger
Behavior Research Methods 51, 2733-2747, 2019
Repeatability of Taste Recognition Threshold Measurements with QUEST and Quick Yes–No
R Höchenberger, K Ohla
Nutrients 12 (1), 24, 2019
Associations between taste and smell sensitivity, preference and quality of life in healthy aging—The NutriAct family study examinations (NFSE) cohort
SXL Lim, R Höchenberger, NA Busch, M Bergmann, K Ohla
Nutrients 14 (6), 1141, 2022
A Bayesian adaptive algorithm (QUEST) to estimate olfactory threshold in hyposmic patients
A D'Alessandro, O Grigorescu, R Höchenberger, K Ohla, T Hummel
Journal of Sensory Studies 37 (5), e12769, 2022
The capacity and organization of gustatory working memory
SXL Lim, R Höchenberger, I Ruda, GR Fink, S Viswanathan, K Ohla
Scientific reports 12 (1), 8056, 2022
Interaction of spatial and temporal processing in the context of audio-visual synchrony judgment and temporal-order judgment
LT Boenke, R Hoechenberger, A Zeghbib, D Alais, FW Ohl
PERCEPTION 42, 171-172, 2013
Rapid Estimation of Gustatory Sensitivity Thresholds
K Ohla, R Hoechenberger
CHEMICAL SENSES 43 (7), E192-E193, 2018
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