A.M. Ionescu
A.M. Ionescu
Professor of Nanoelectronics
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Tunnel field-effect transistors as energy-efficient electronic switches
AM Ionescu, H Riel
nature 479 (7373), 329-337, 2011
Double-Gate Tunnel FET With High-Gate Dielectric
K Boucart, AM Ionescu
IEEE transactions on electron devices 54 (7), 1725-1733, 2007
Metal-ferroelectric-meta-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistor with sub-60mV/decade subthreshold swing and internal voltage amplification
A Rusu, GA Salvatore, D Jimenez, AM Ionescu
2010 international electron devices meeting, 16.3. 1-16.3. 4, 2010
Length scaling of the double gate tunnel FET with a high-k gate dielectric
K Boucart, AM Ionescu
Solid-State Electronics 51 (11-12), 1500-1507, 2007
Effect of COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns on planned cancer surgery for 15 tumour types in 61 countries: an international, prospective, cohort study
J Glasbey, A Ademuyiwa, A Adisa, E AlAmeer, AP Arnaud, F Ayasra, ...
The Lancet Oncology 22 (11), 1507-1517, 2021
Suspended-gate MOSFET: Bringing new MEMS functionality into solid-state MOS transistor
N Abelé, R Fritschi, K Boucart, F Casset, P Ancey, AM Ionescu
IEEE InternationalElectron Devices Meeting, 2005. IEDM Technical Digest …, 2005
Analytical modeling of single electron transistor for hybrid CMOS-SET analog IC design
S Mahapatra, V Vaish, C Wasshuber, K Banerjee, AM Ionescu
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 51 (11), 1772-1782, 2004
Demonstration of subthrehold swing smaller than 60mV/decade in Fe-FET with P(VDF-TrFE)/SiO2 gate stack
GA Salvatore, D Bouvet, AM Ionescu
2008 IEEE International electron devices meeting, 1-4, 2008
A new definition of threshold voltage in tunnel FETs
K Boucart, AM Ionescu
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Self-biased reconfigurable graphene stacks for terahertz plasmonics
JS Gomez-Diaz, C Moldovan, S Capdevila, J Romeu, LS Bernard, ...
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Near optimal graphene terahertz non-reciprocal isolator
M Tamagnone, C Moldovan, JM Poumirol, AB Kuzmenko, AM Ionescu, ...
Nature communications 7 (1), 11216, 2016
CMOS compatible fully integrated Mach-Zehnder interferometer in SOI technology
P Dainesi, A Kung, M Chabloz, A Lagos, P Fluckiger, A Ionescu, P Fazan, ...
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Characterization of Ni thin films following thermal oxidation in air
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TCAD simulation of SOI TFETs and calibration of non-local band-to-band tunneling model
A Biswas, SS Dan, C Le Royer, W Grabinski, AM Ionescu
Microelectronic Engineering 98, 334-337, 2012
Non-contact characterization of graphene surface impedance at micro and millimeter waves
JS Gomez-Diaz, J Perruisseau-Carrier, P Sharma, A Ionescu
Journal of Applied Physics 111 (11), 2012
Nanowire transistors made easy
AM Ionescu
Nature nanotechnology 5 (3), 178-179, 2010
Complementary germanium electron–hole bilayer tunnel FET for sub-0.5-V operation
L Lattanzio, L De Michielis, AM Ionescu
IEEE Electron Device Letters 33 (2), 167-169, 2011
Understanding the superlinear onset of tunnel-FET output characteristic
L De Michielis, L Lattanzio, AM Ionescu
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Analytical modeling of the suspended-gate FET and design insights for low-power logic
K Akarvardar, C Eggimann, D Tsamados, YS Chauhan, GC Wan, ...
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The electron–hole bilayer tunnel FET
L Lattanzio, L De Michielis, AM Ionescu
Solid-State Electronics 74, 85-90, 2012
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