Monica Wolfson Schwehr
Monica Wolfson Schwehr
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Structure and composition of the plate-boundary slip zone for the 2011 Tohoku-Oki earthquake
FM Chester, C Rowe, K Ujiie, J Kirkpatrick, C Regalla, F Remitti, ...
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Multibeam observations of mine burial near Clearwater, FL, including comparisons to predictions of wave-induced burial
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Development of the Global Earthquake Model’s neotectonic fault database
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Global Characteristics of Oceanic Transform Fault Structure and Seismicity
M Wolfson-Schwehr, MS Boettcher
Transform Plate Boundaries and Fracture Zones, 21-59, 2019
Thermal segmentation of mid‐ocean ridge‐transform faults
M Wolfson-Schwehr, MS Boettcher, MD Behn
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 18 (9), 3405-3418, 2017
Thermal Segmentation of Mid-Ocean Ridge Transform Faults
M Wolfson-Schwehr, MS Boettcher, MD Behn
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts, 2016
The relationship between oceanic transform fault segmentation, seismicity, and thermal structure
M Wolfson-Schwehr
University of New Hampshire, 2015
Quantifying centimeter-scale changes in seafloor morphology associated with sediment flows and tidal currents in Monterey Canyon using a ROV-mounted, low-altitude survey system
M Wolfson-Schwehr, CK Paull, DW Caress, N Nieminski, R Gwiazda, ...
AGU Fall Meeting 2019, 2019
Alignment of olivine crystals during diffusion creep in oceanic peridotite mylonites
NJ Deems, JM Warren, M Wolfson-Schwehr
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts, 2014
Paleomagnetic records of core samples of the plate-boundary thrust drilled during the IODP Japan Trench Fast Drilling Project (JFAST)
T Mishima, T Yang, K Ujiie, JD Kirkpatrick, FM Chester, JC Moore, ...
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts, 2013
Characteristics of Oceanic Strike-Slip Earthquakes Differ Between Plate Boundary and Intraplate Settings
MS Boettcher, ML Wolfson-Schwehr, M Forestall, TH Jordan
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Preliminary Result of Logging While Drilling During Expedition 343, Japan Trench Fast Drilling Project
Y Kido, Y Sanada, MK Thu, N Eguchi, S Toczko, L Maeda, I Sawada, ...
18th Formation Evaluation Symposium of Japan, 2012
Absolute Locations of Repeating Mw 5.5-6.0 Earthquakes on Discovery Transform Fault, EPR
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AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts, 2011
Deep Hydrothermal Circulation on Oceanic Transform Faults Controlled by the Seismic Cycle
AH Kohli, C Prigent, M Wolfson-Schwehr, MS Boettcher, JM Warren
AGU Fall Meeting 2019, 2019
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