Edmund Derrington
Edmund Derrington
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Hivatkozott rá
Antibodies to a subpopulation of glial cells and a 66 kDa developmental protein in patients with paraneoplastic neurological syndromes.
J Honnorat, JC Antoine, E Derrington, M Aguera, MF Belin
Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry 61 (3), 270-278, 1996
The prion protein has RNA binding and chaperoning properties characteristic of nucleocapsid protein NCP7 of HIV-1
C Gabus, E Derrington, P Leblanc, J Chnaiderman, D Dormont, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 276 (22), 19301-19309, 2001
gdnf activates midline repulsion by Semaphorin3B via NCAM during commissural axon guidance
C Charoy, H Nawabi, F Reynaud, E Derrington, M Bozon, K Wright, J Falk, ...
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Structural and ultrastructural characteristics of human pineal gland, and pineal parenchymal tumors
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Trafficking of TrkA-green fluorescent protein chimerae during nerve growth factor-induced differentiation
J Jullien, V Guili, EA Derrington, JL Darlix, LF Reichardt, BB Rudkin
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Microenvironment-driven shift of cohesion/detachment balance within tumors induces a switch toward metastasis in neuroblastoma
C Delloye-Bourgeois, L Bertin, K Thoinet, L Jarrosson, K Kindbeiter, ...
Cancer Cell 32 (4), 427-443. e8, 2017
PrPC has nucleic acid chaperoning properties similar to the nucleocapsid protein of HIV-1
E Derrington, C Gabus, P Leblanc, J Chnaidermann, L Grave, D Dormont, ...
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Dot-blot immunodetection of antibodies against GM1 and other gangliosides on PVDF-P membranes
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Human primitive neuroectodermal tumour cells behave as multipotent neural precursors in response to FGF2
EA Derrington, N Dufay, BB Rudkin, MF Belin
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The developmental expression of the cholinergic-specific antigen Chol-1 in the central and peripheral nervous system of the rat
EA Derrington, E Borroni
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Molecular memory of morphologies by septins during neuron generation allows early polarity inheritance
L Boubakar, J Falk, H Ducuing, K Thoinet, F Reynaud, E Derrington, ...
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Confirmation of the cholinergic specificity of the Chol‐1 gangliosides in mammalian brain using affinity‐purified antisera and lesions affecting the cholinergic input to the …
EA Derrington, D Masco, VP Whittaker
Journal of neurochemistry 53 (6), 1686-1692, 1989
Right temporoparietal junction underlies avoidance of moral transgression in Autism Spectrum Disorder
Y Hu, AM Pereira, X Gao, BM Campos, E Derrington, B Corgnet, X Zhou, ...
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Modifications of glial metabolism of glutamate after serotonergic neuron degeneration in the hippocampus of the rat
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Retroviral vectors for the expression of two genes in human multipotent neural precursors and their differentiated neuronal and glial progeny
EA Derrington, M Lopez-Lastra, S Chapel-Fernandez, FL Cosset, ...
Human gene therapy 10 (7), 1129-1138, 1999
Cytokines are increased in the rat hippocampus after serotonergic neuron degeneration and upregulate the expression of GDH, an enzyme involved in glutamate detoxification
H Hardin-Pouzet, P Giraudon, A Bernard, E Derrington, MF Belin, ...
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Neurocomputational mechanisms underlying immoral decisions benefiting self or others
C Qu, Y Hu, Z Tang, E Derrington, JC Dreher
Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience 15 (2), 135-149, 2020
The Enigmatic Multifunctionality of the Prion Protein.
EA Derrington, JL Darlix
Drug news & perspectives 15 (4), 206-219, 2002
Cholera toxin β subunit induces the differentiation of human medulloblastoma cell line DEV in a neuronal pathway
N Dufay, MF Belin, C Confavreux, F Touraine‐Moulin, EA Derrington
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Hormonal responses in gambling versus alcohol abuse: a review of human studies
Y Li, N Ramoz, E Derrington, JC Dreher
Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology and Biological Psychiatry 100, 109880, 2020
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