Jose Reinoso
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Effective 2D and 3D crack propagation with local mesh refinement and the screened Poisson equation
P Areias, J Reinoso, PP Camanho, JC De Sá, T Rabczuk
Engineering Fracture Mechanics 189, 339-360, 2018
Revisiting the problem of a crack impinging on an interface: a modeling framework for the interaction between the phase field approach for brittle fracture and the interface …
M Paggi, J Reinoso
Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 321, 145-172, 2017
Phase field modeling of brittle fracture for enhanced assumed strain shells at large deformations: formulation and finite element implementation
J Reinoso, M Paggi, C Linder
Computational Mechanics 59 (6), 981-1001, 2017
A consistent interface element formulation for geometrical and material nonlinearities
J Reinoso, M Paggi
Computational Mechanics 54 (6), 1569-1581, 2014
A consistent anisotropic damage model for laminated fiber-reinforced composites using the 3D-version of the Puck failure criterion
J Reinoso, G Catalanotti, A Blázquez, P Areias, PP Camanho, F París
International Journal of Solids and Structures 126, 37-53, 2017
A phase field approach to simulate intralaminar and translaminar fracture in long fiber composite materials
A Quintanas-Corominas, J Reinoso, E Casoni, A Turon, JA Mayugo
Composite Structures 220, 899-911, 2019
A 3D finite strain model for intralayer and interlayer crack simulation coupling the phase field approach and cohesive zone model
V Carollo, J Reinoso, M Paggi
Composite Structures 182, 636-651, 2017
A nonlinear finite thickness cohesive interface element for modeling delamination in fibre-reinforced composite laminates
J Reinoso, M Paggi, A Blázquez
Composites Part B: Engineering 109, 116-128, 2017
Strength prediction of notched thin ply laminates using finite fracture mechanics and the phase field approach
J Reinoso, A Arteiro, M Paggi, PP Camanho
Composites Science and Technology 150, 205-216, 2017
Fracture of solar-grade anisotropic polycrystalline Silicon: A combined phase field–cohesive zone model approach
M Paggi, M Corrado, J Reinoso
Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 330, 123-148, 2018
Experimental and three-dimensional global-local finite element analysis of a composite component including degradation process at the interfaces
J Reinoso, A Blázquez, A Estefani, F París, J Cañas, E Arévalo, F Cruz
Composites Part B: Engineering 43 (4), 1929-1942, 2012
Modeling complex crack paths in ceramic laminates: A novel variational framework combining the phase field method of fracture and the cohesive zone model
V Carollo, J Reinoso, M Paggi
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 38 (8), 2994-3003, 2018
Finite deformation model for short fiber reinforced composites: Application to hybrid metal-composite clinching joints
A Dean, S Sahraee, J Reinoso, R Rolfes
Composite Structures 151, 162-171, 2016
Thermally induced multistable configurations of variable stiffness composite plates: Semi-analytical and finite element investigation
A Haldar, J Reinoso, E Jansen, R Rolfes
Composite Structures 183, 161-175, 2018
A constitutive-based element-by-element crack propagation algorithm with local mesh refinement
P Areias, J Reinoso, P Camanho, T Rabczuk
Computational Mechanics 56 (2), 291-315, 2015
A phase field approach enhanced with a cohesive zone model for modeling delamination induced by matrix cracking
A Quintanas-Corominas, A Turon, J Reinoso, E Casoni, M Paggi, ...
Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 358, 112618, 2020
An invariant-based anisotropic material model for short fiber-reinforced thermoplastics: coupled thermo-plastic formulation
A Dean, J Reinoso, S Sahraee, R Rolfes
Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing 90, 186-199, 2016
An anisotropic large displacement cohesive zone model for fibrillar and crazing interfaces
M Paggi, J Reinoso
International Journal of Solids and Structures 69, 106-120, 2015
Simulation of the mechanical response of thin-ply composites: from computational micro-mechanics to structural analysis
A Arteiro, G Catalanotti, J Reinoso, P Linde, PP Camanho
Archives of Computational Methods in Engineering 26 (5), 1445-1487, 2019
Application and finite element implementation of 7-parameter shell element for geometrically nonlinear analysis of layered CFRP composites
J Reinoso, A Blázquez
Composite structures 139, 263-276, 2016
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