Kan Zhang
Kan Zhang
Nanjing University of Science and Technology
E-mail megerősítve itt: skku.edu
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Green synthesis of biphasic TiO2–reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites with highly enhanced photocatalytic activity
MSA Sher Shah, AR Park, K Zhang, JH Park, PJ Yoo
ACS applied materials & interfaces 4 (8), 3893-3901, 2012
Efficient photoelectrochemical hydrogen production from bismuth vanadate-decorated tungsten trioxide helix nanostructures
X Shi, IY Choi, K Zhang, J Kwon, DY Kim, JK Lee, SH Oh, JK Kim, JH Park
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Water Splitting Progress in Tandem Devices: Moving Photolysis beyond Electrolysis
Kan Zhang, Ming Ma, Ping Li, Dong Hwan Wang, Jong Hyeok Park
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W Li, Y Zhao, Y Liu, M Sun, GIN Waterhouse, B Huang, K Zhang, T Zhang, ...
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Hierarchical MnCo-layered double hydroxides@Ni(OH)2 core–shell heterostructures as advanced electrodes for supercapacitor
Shude Liu, Su Chan Lee, Umakant Patil, Iman Shackery, Shinill Kang, Kan ...
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Black phosphorene as a hole extraction layer boosting solar water splitting of oxygen evolution catalysts
K Zhang, B Jin, C Park, Y Cho, X Song, X Shi, S Zhang, W Kim, H Zeng, ...
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Reduced graphene oxide–TiO2 nanocomposite with high photocatalystic activity for the degradation of rhodamine B
F Wang, K Zhang
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An Order/Disorder/Water Junction System for Highly Efficient Co-Catalyst-Free Photocatalytic Hydrogen Generation
Kan Zhang, Luyang Wang, Jung Kyu Kim, Ming Ma, Ganapathy Veerappan, Chang ...
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Dual Oxygen and Tungsten Vacancies on a WO3 Photoanode for Enhanced Water Oxidation
Ming Ma#, Kan Zhang#, Ping Li, Myung Sun Jung, Myung Jin Jeong, Jong Hyeok Park
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Energy Manipulation in Lanthanide‐Doped Core–Shell Nanoparticles for Tunable Dual‐Mode Luminescence toward Advanced Anti‐Counterfeiting
Mingye Ding, Bang Dong, Yi Lu,Xiaofei Yang,Yongjun Yuan, Wangfeng Bai ...
Advanced Materials 32 (45), 2002121, 2020
Near-Complete Suppression of Oxygen Evolution for Photoelectrochemical H2O Oxidative H2O2 Synthesis
Kan Zhang*, Jiali Liu, Luyang Wang, Bingjun Jin, Xiaofei Yang, Shengli Zhang ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 142 (19), 8641-8648, 2020
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X Shi, H Jeong, SJ Oh, M Ma, K Zhang, J Kwon, IT Choi, IY Choi, HK Kim, ...
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Vertically Oriented MoS2 with Spatially Controlled Geometry on Nitrogenous Graphene Sheets for High‐Performance Sodium‐Ion Batteries
Ping Li, Jong Yeob Jeong, Bingjun Jin, Kan Zhang*, Jong Hyeok Park*
Advanced Energy Materials 8, 1703300, 2018
Unassisted photoelectrochemical water splitting beyond 5.7% solar-to-hydrogen conversion efficiency by a wireless monolithic photoanode/dye-sensitised solar cell tandem device
Xinjian Shi#, Kan Zhang#, Kahee Shin, Ming Ma, Jeong Kwon, In Taek Choi ...
Nano Energy 13, 182-191, 2015
Homogeneous anchoring of TiO2 nanoparticles on graphene sheets for waste water treatment
K Zhang, KC Kemp, V Chandra
Materials Letters 81, 127-130, 2012
Boosting Charge Transport in BiVO4 Photoanode for Solar Water Oxidation
Yuan Lu, Yilong Yang, Xinyi Fan, Yiqun Li, Dinghua Zhou, Bo Cai, Luyang Wang ...
Advanced Materials 34 (8), 2108178, 2022
Comparison of catalytic activities for photocatalytic and sonocatalytic degradation of methylene blue in present of anatase TiO2–CNT catalysts
K Zhang, FJ Zhang, ML Chen, WC Oh
Ultrasonics sonochemistry 18 (3), 765-772, 2011
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