Olaf Ippisch
Olaf Ippisch
Professor für Wissenschaftliches Rechnen, TU Clausthal
E-mail megerősítve itt: tu-clausthal.de - Kezdőlap
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Validity limits for the van Genuchten–Mualem model and implications for parameter estimation and numerical simulation
O Ippisch, HJ Vogel, P Bastian
Advances in water resources 29 (12), 1780-1789, 2006
The dominant role of structure for solute transport in soil: experimental evidence and modelling of structure and transport in a field experiment.
HJ Vogel, I Cousin, O Ippisch, P Bastian
Hydrology & Earth System Sciences 10 (4), 2006
A 20-year record (1998–2017) of permafrost, active layer and meteorological conditions at a high Arctic permafrost research site (Bayelva, Spitsbergen)
J Boike, I Juszak, S Lange, S Chadburn, E Burke, PP Overduin, K Roth, ...
Earth System Science Data 10 (1), 355-390, 2018
Denitrification in soil aggregate analogues-effect of aggregate size and oxygen diffusion
S Schlüter, S Henjes, J Zawallich, L Bergaust, M Horn, O Ippisch, ...
Frontiers in Environmental Science 6, 17, 2018
Efficient random walk particle tracking algorithm for advective‐dispersive transport in media with discontinuous dispersion coefficients and water contents
M Bechtold, J Vanderborght, O Ippisch, H Vereecken
Water Resources Research 47 (10), 2011
Seasonal snow cover on frozen ground: Energy balance calculations of a permafrost site near Ny-Ålesund, Spitsbergen
J Boike, K Roth, O Ippisch
Journal of geophysical research 108 (D2), 8163, 2003
Dynamic nonequilibrium during unsaturated water flow
B Schultze, O Ippisch, B Huwe, W Durner
Proceedings of the international workshop on characterization and …, 1997
Infiltration through series of soil aggregates: Neutron radiography and modeling
A Carminati, A Kaestner, R Hassanein, O Ippisch, P Vontobel, H Flühler
Advances in water resources 30 (5), 1168-1178, 2007
An unfitted interior penalty discontinuous Galerkin method for incompressible Navier–Stokes two‐phase flow
F Heimann, C Engwer, O Ippisch, P Bastian
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Estimation of a critical spatial discretization limit for solving Richards' Equation at large scales
HJ Vogel, O Ippisch
Vadose Zone Journal 7 (1), 112-114, 2008
Modeling and simulation of two-phase two-component flow with disappearing nonwetting phase
R Neumann, P Bastian, O Ippisch
Computational Geosciences 17 (1), 139-149, 2013
Water flow between soil aggregates
A Carminati, A Kaestner, O Ippisch, A Koliji, P Lehmann, R Hassanein, ...
Transport in Porous Media 68, 219-236, 2007
Water, heat and solute dynamics of a mud boil, Spitsbergen
J Boike, O Ippisch, PP Overduin, B Hagedorn, K Roth
Geomorphology 95 (1-2), 61-73, 2008
Non-equilibrium in soil hydraulic modelling
HJ Vogel, U Weller, O Ippisch
Journal of hydrology 393 (1-2), 20-28, 2010
Coupled transport in natural porous media
O Ippisch
Upscaling hydraulic conductivity based on the topology of the sub-scale structure
A Samouëlian, HJ Vogel, O Ippisch
Advances in water resources 30 (5), 1179-1189, 2007
Virtual soils: Assessment of the effects of soil structure on the hydraulic behavior of cultivated soils
S Schlüter, HJ Vogel, O Ippisch, P Bastian, K Roth, H Schelle, W Durner, ...
Vadose Zone Journal 11 (4), vzj2011.0174, 2012
EXA-DUNE: Flexible PDE Solvers, Numerical Methods and Applications
P Bastian, C Engwer, D Göddeke, O Iliev, O Ippisch, M Ohlberger, S Turek, ...
Euro-Par 2014: Parallel Processing Workshops, 530-541, 2014
Upward transport in a three-dimensional heterogeneous laboratory soil under evaporation conditions
M Bechtold, J Vanderborght, L Weihermüller, M Herbst, T Günther, ...
Vadose zone journal 11 (2), 2012
Reprint of “Multi-step and two-step experiments in heterogeneous porous media to evaluate the relevance of dynamic effects”
HJ Vogel, A Samouelian, O Ippisch
Advances in water resources 31 (9), I-VIII, 2008
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