Gábor Borics
Gábor Borics
MTA Centre for Ecological Research
E-mail megerősítve itt: okologia.mta.hu
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Use of phytoplankton assemblages for monitoring ecological status of lakes within the Water Framework Directive: the assemblage index
J Padisak, G Borics, I Grigorszky, E Soroczki-Pinter
Hydrobiologia 553 (1), 1-14, 2006
The cascading reservoir continuum concept (CRCC) and its application to the river Tietê-basin, São Paulo State, Brazil
FAR Barbosa, J Padisák, ELG Espíndola, G Borics, O Rocha
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J Padisák, G Borics, G Fehér, I Grigorszky, I Oldal, A Schmidt, ...
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Science of the Total Environment 658, 1228-1238, 2019
Sustaining recreational quality of European lakes: minimizing the health risks from algal blooms through phosphorus control
L Carvalho, C McDonald, C de Hoyos, U Mischke, G Phillips, G Borics, ...
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A new evaluation technique of potamo-plankton for the assessment of the ecological status of rivers
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Strength and uncertainty of phytoplankton metrics for assessing eutrophication impacts in lakes
L Carvalho, S Poikane, AL Solheim, G Phillips, G Borics, J Catalan, ...
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Phycogeography of freshwater phytoplankton: traditional knowledge and new molecular tools
J Padisák, G Vasas, G Borics
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Functional groups of phytoplankton shaping diversity of shallow lake ecosystems
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Phytoplankton and Equilibrium Concept: The Ecology of Steady-State …, 2003
Does isolation influence the relative role of environmental and dispersal‐related processes in stream networks? An empirical test of the network position hypothesis using …
D Schmera, D Árva, P Boda, E Bódis, Á Bolgovics, G Borics, A Csercsa, ...
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Littoral macrophyte–periphyton complexes in two Hungarian shallow waters
MK Kiss, G Lakatos, G Borics, Z Gidó, C Deák
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A large river (River Loire, France) survey to compare phytoplankton functional approaches: do they display river zones in similar ways?
A Abonyi, M Leitão, I Stanković, G Borics, G Várbíró, J Padisák
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Disturbance and stress: different meanings in ecological dynamics?
G Borics, G Várbíró, J Padisák
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Characteristics of the pelagic phytoplankton in shallow oxbows
E Krasznai, G Borics, G Varbiro, A Abonyi, J Padisák, C Deák, ...
Hydrobiologia 639 (1), 173-184, 2010
Factors controlling the occurrence of Dinophyta species in Hungary
I Grigorszky, G Borics, J Padisák, B Tótmérész, G Vasas, S Nagy, ...
Hydrobiologia 506 (1), 203-207, 2003
Which factors affect phytoplankton biomass in shallow eutrophic lakes?
G Borics, L Nagy, S Miron, I Grigorszky, Z László-Nagy, BA Lukács, ...
Hydrobiologia 714 (1), 93-104, 2013
The role of phytoplankton diversity metrics in shallow lake and river quality assessment
G Borics, J Görgényi, I Grigorszky, Z László-Nagy, B Tóthmérész, ...
Ecological indicators 45, 28-36, 2014
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