Mojtaba Shahin
Mojtaba Shahin
Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Software Engineering, RMIT University
E-mail megerősítve itt: rmit.edu.au - Kezdőlap
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment: A Systematic Review on Approaches, Tools, Challenges and Practices
M Shahin, M Ali Babar, L Zhu
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A Systematic Review of Knowledge Sharing Challenges and Practices in Global Software Development
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Characteristics and Challenges of Low-Code Development: The Practitioners’ Perspective
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The Impact of a STEM-based Entrepreneurship Program on the Entrepreneurial Intention of Secondary School Female Students
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A First Look at Human Values-Violation in App Reviews
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Architecting for devops and continuous deployment
M Shahin
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How Can Human Values Be Addressed in Agile Methods? A Case Study on SAFe
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Security Support in Continuous Deployment Pipeline
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On the Role of Software Architecture in DevOps Transformation: An Industrial Case Study
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Human Values in Software Development Artefacts: A Case Study on Issue Discussions in Three Android Applications
A Nurwidyantoro, M Shahin, MRV Chaudron, W Hussain, R Shams, ...
Information and Software Technology, 2022
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