Robert C. Massé
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Beyond Li-ion: electrode materials for sodium-and magnesium-ion batteries
RC Massé, E Uchaker, G Cao
Science China Materials 58, 715-766, 2015
Novel Carbon‐Encapsulated Porous SnO2 Anode for Lithium‐Ion Batteries with Much Improved Cyclic Stability
B Huang, X Li, Y Pei, S Li, X Cao, RC Massé, G Cao
Small 12 (14), 1945-1955, 2016
Revitalized interest in vanadium pentoxide as cathode material for lithium-ion batteries and beyond
J Yao, Y Li, RC Massé, E Uchaker, G Cao
Energy Storage Materials 11, 205-259, 2018
A survey of diverse earth abundant oxygen evolution electrocatalysts showing enhanced activity from Ni–Fe oxides containing a third metal
JB Gerken, SE Shaner, RC Massé, NJ Porubsky, SS Stahl
Energy & Environmental Science 7 (7), 2376-2382, 2014
Dual-ion batteries: the emerging alternative rechargeable batteries
Y Sui, C Liu, RC Masse, ZG Neale, M Atif, M AlSalhi, G Cao
Energy Storage Materials 25, 1-32, 2020
Energy storage through intercalation reactions: electrodes for rechargeable batteries
RC Massé, C Liu, Y Li, L Mai, G Cao
National Science Review 4 (1), 26-53, 2017
A promising cathode for Li-ion batteries: Li3V2 (PO4) 3
C Liu, R Massé, X Nan, G Cao
Energy Storage Materials 4, 15-58, 2016
Design of coherent anode materials with 0D Ni 3 S 2 nanoparticles self-assembled on 3D interconnected carbon networks for fast and reversible sodium storage
X Zhao, HE Wang, RC Massé, J Cao, J Sui, J Li, W Cai, G Cao
Journal of materials chemistry A 5 (16), 7394-7402, 2017
Reversible and fast Na-ion storage in MoO2/MoSe2 heterostructures for high energy-high power Na-ion capacitors
X Zhao, HE Wang, Y Yang, ZG Neale, RC Massé, J Cao, W Cai, J Sui, ...
Energy Storage Materials 12, 241-251, 2018
Doubling the power conversion efficiency in CdS/CdSe quantum dot sensitized solar cells with a ZnSe passivation layer
F Huang, J Hou, Q Zhang, Y Wang, RC Massé, S Peng, H Wang, J Liu, ...
Nano Energy 26, 114-122, 2016
Kinetic surface control for improved magnesium-electrolyte interfaces for magnesium ion batteries
B Li, R Masse, C Liu, Y Hu, W Li, G Zhang, G Cao
Energy Storage Materials 22, 96-104, 2019
Development of an O2‐Sensitive Fluorescence‐Quenching Assay for the Combinatorial Discovery of Electrocatalysts for Water Oxidation
JB Gerken, JYC Chen, RC Massé, AB Powell, SS Stahl
Angewandte Chemie 124 (27), 6780-6784, 2012
A three layer design with mesoporous silica encapsulated by a carbon core and shell for high energy lithium ion battery anodes
X Cao, X Chuan, RC Massé, D Huang, S Li, G Cao
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 3 (45), 22739-22749, 2015
A comparison of ZnS and ZnSe passivation layers on CdS/CdSe co-sensitized quantum dot solar cells
F Huang, Q Zhang, B Xu, J Hou, Y Wang, RC Massé, S Peng, J Liu, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 4 (38), 14773-14780, 2016
Formation of Interfacial Layer and Long-Term Cyclability of Li–O2 Batteries
EN Nasybulin, W Xu, BL Mehdi, E Thomsen, MH Engelhard, RC Massé, ...
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 6 (16), 14141-14151, 2014
Interphases, interfaces, and surfaces of active materials in rechargeable batteries and perovskite solar cells
C Liu, J Yuan, R Masse, X Jia, W Bi, Z Neale, T Shen, M Xu, M Tian, ...
Advanced Materials 33 (22), 1905245, 2021
Assembly of a Robust and Economical MnO2-Based Reference Electrode
RC Massé, JB Gerken
Journal of Chemical Education 92 (1), 110-115, 2015
Hierarchical ZnO microspheres photoelectrodes assembled with Zn chalcogenide passivation layer for high efficiency quantum dot sensitized solar cells
F Huang, H Tang, Y Wang, J Hou, Z Liu, RC Massé, J Tian, G Cao
Journal of Power Sources 401, 255-262, 2018
Accurate energies of the He atom with undergraduate quantum mechanics
RC Massé, TG Walker
American Journal of Physics 83 (8), 730-732, 2015
R Massé, E Uchaker, G Cao
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