Andrey Malyshev
Andrey Malyshev
Profesor Contratado Doctor, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
E-mail megerősítve itt: fis.ucm.es
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Optical bistability and hysteresis of a hybrid metal-semiconductor nanodimer
AV Malyshev, VA Malyshev
Physical Review B 84 (3), 035314, 2011
DNA double helices for single molecule electronics
AV Malyshev
Physical review letters 98 (9), 096801, 2007
Statistics of low energy levels of a one-dimensional weakly localized Frenkel exciton: A numerical study
AV Malyshev, VA Malyshev
Physical Review B 63 (19), 195111, 2001
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M Amado, AV Malyshev, A Sedrakyan, F Dominguez-Adame
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Frequency-controlled localization of optical signals in graded plasmonic chains
AV Malyshev, VA Malyshev, J Knoester
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Monitoring the localization-delocalization transition within a one-dimensional model with nonrandom long-range interaction
AV Malyshev, VA Malyshev, F Domínguez-Adame
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Enhancing thermoelectric properties of graphene quantum rings
M Saiz-Bretín, AV Malyshev, PA Orellana, F Domínguez-Adame
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AV Malyshev, VA Malyshev, F Domınguez-Adame
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Up-conversion and population of excited erbium levels in LiY1−x ErxF4 (x=0.003–1) crystals under CW InGaAs laser-diode pumping
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Ground-state characteristics of an acceptor center in wide-gap semiconductors with a weak spin-orbit coupling
AV Malyshev, IA Merkulov, AV Rodina
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Graphene nanoring as a tunable source of polarized electrons
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Lattice thermal conductivity of graphene nanostructures
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Carbon 127, 64-69, 2018
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