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Szabolcs Muráth
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Hivatkozott rá
Mn (II)–amino acid complexes intercalated in CaAl-layered double hydroxide–Well-characterized, highly efficient, recyclable oxidation catalysts
G Varga, Á Kukovecz, Z Kónya, L Korecz, S Muráth, Z Csendes, G Peintler, ...
Journal of Catalysis 335, 125-134, 2016
Radical scavenging activity of plant extracts from improved processing
A Szerlauth, S Muráth, S Viski, I Szilagyi
Heliyon 5 (11), 2019
Effect of Ionic Compounds of Different Valences on the Stability of Titanium Oxide Colloids
S Muráth, S Sáringer, Z Somosi, I Szilágyi
Colloids and Interfaces 2 (3), 32, 2018
Synthesis, characterization and photocatalytic activity of crystalline Mn (II) Cr (III)-layered double hydroxide
Z Timár, G Varga, S Muráth, Z Kónya, Á Kukovecz, V Havasi, A Oszkó, ...
Catalysis Today 284, 195-201, 2017
Self-Assembly of Protamine Biomacromolecule on Halloysite Nanotubes for Immobilization of Superoxide Dismutase Enzyme
B Katana, P Rouster, G Varga, S Murath, K Glinel, AM Jonas, I Szilagyi
ACS Applied Bio Materials 3, 522-530, 2020
Layered Double Hydroxide Nanoparticles to Overcome the Hydrophobicity of Ellagic Acid: An Antioxidant Hybrid Material
S Muráth, A Szerlauth, D Sebők, I Szilágyi
Antioxidants 9 (2), 153, 2020
Antioxidant Materials Based on 2D Nanostructures: A Review on Recent Progresses
S Muráth, NB Alsharif, S Sáringer, B Katana, Z Somosi, I Szilagyi
Crystals 10 (3), 148, 2020
Mechanochemical and wet chemical syntheses of CaIn-layered double hydroxide and its performance in a transesterification reaction compared to those of other Ca2M (III …
M Szabados, AA Ádám, P Traj, S Muráth, K Baán, P Bélteky, Z Kónya, ...
Journal of Catalysis 391, 282-297, 2020
Highly stable enzyme-mimicking nanocomposite of antioxidant activity
M Pavlovic, B Náfrádi, P Rouster, S Muráth, I Szilagyi
Journal of colloid and interface science 543, 174-182, 2019
A colloid approach to decorate latex particles with Prussian blue nanozymes
NB Alsharif, GF Samu, S Sáringer, S Muráth, I Szilagyi
Journal of Molecular Liquids 309, 113066, 2020
Cu (II)-amino acid–CaAl-layered double hydroxide complexes, recyclable, efficient catalysts in various oxidative transformations
G Varga, S Ziegenheim, S Muráth, Z Csendes, Á Kukovecz, Z Kónya, ...
Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical 423, 49-60, 2016
Synthesis of high-quality, well-characterized CaAlFe-layered triple hydroxide with the combination of dry-milling and ultrasonic irradiation in aqueous solution at elevated …
M Szabados, K Pásztor, Z Csendes, S Muráth, Z Kónya, Á Kukovecz, ...
Ultrasonics sonochemistry 32, 173-180, 2016
Composite materials based on heteroaggregated particles: Fundamentals and applications
NB Alsharif, S Muráth, B Katana, I Szilagyi
Advances in Colloid and Interface Science 294, 102456, 2021
Surface modification of two-dimensional layered double hydroxide nanoparticles with biopolymers for biomedical applications
M Pavlovic, A Szerlauth, S Muráth, G Varga, I Szilagyi
Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, 114590, 2022
Nanocomposite-based dual enzyme system for broad-spectrum scavenging of reactive oxygen species
M Pavlovic, S Muráth, X Katona, NB Alsharif, P Rouster, J Maléth, ...
Scientific Reports 11 (1), 4321, 2021
Delaminating and restacking MgAl-layered double hydroxide monitored and characterized by a range of instrumental methods
S Muráth, Z Somosi, IY Tóth, E Tombácz, P Sipos, I Pálinkó
Journal of Molecular Structure 1140, 77-82, 2017
Contaminant removal by efficient separation of in situ formed layered double hydroxide compounds from mine wastewaters
Z Somosi, S Muráth, P Nagy, D Sebők, I Szilagyi, G Douglas
Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology 5 (12), 2251-2259, 2019
Layered double hydroxide-based antioxidant dispersions with high colloidal and functional stability
A Szerlauth, S Muráth, I Szilagyi
Soft Matter 16 (46), 10518-10527, 2020
Syntheses, characterization and catalytic activities of CaAl-layered double hydroxide intercalated Fe (III)-amino acid complexes
G Varga, Z Timár, S Muráth, Z Kónya, Á Kukovecz, S Carlson, P Sipos, ...
Catalysis Today 306, 42-50, 2018
Ni-amino acid–CaAl-layered double hydroxide composites: construction, characterization and catalytic properties in oxidative transformations
G Varga, Z Timár, S Muráth, Z Kónya, Á Kukovecz, S Carlson, P Sipos, ...
Topics in Catalysis 60, 1429-1438, 2017
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