Gregory Holk
Gregory Holk
Professor of Geological Sciences, California State University, Long Beach
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Hivatkozott rá
Mobile Pb-isotopes in Proterozoic sedimentary basins as guides for exploration of uranium deposits
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Early quartz cements and evolution of paleohydraulic properties of basal sandstones in three Paleoproterozoic continental basins: Evidence from in situ δ18O analysis of quartz …
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Water as a Petrologic Catalyst Driving 18O/16O Homogenization and Anatexis of the Middle Crust in the Metamorphic Core Complexes of British Columbia
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Ethnic differences in geoscience attitudes of college students
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Database for CAMIRO Project 94E07: interrelationships between subvolcanic intrusions, large-scale alteration zones, and VMS deposits
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Multiple stages of influx and exsolution of H_2O from anatectic melts during adiabatic decompression, a petrologic catalyst responsible for^(18) O/^(16) O homogenization of …
GJ Holk, HP Taylor Jr
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Stacked detachment faults in the suprastructure over a buried diapiric core, Currant Gap, White Pine Range, east-central Nevada, evidence from mapping geophysical and isotope …
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Stable isotope evidence for mixing between meteoric and magmatic waters adjacent to a shallow detachment fault in the southern White Pine Range, Nevada
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