Giles Hunt
Giles Hunt
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A general theory of elastic stability(Book)
JMT Thompson, GW Hunt
Research supported by the Science Research Council. London and New York …, 1973
Elastic instability phenomena
JMT Thompson, GW Hunt
Wiley, 1984
Cellular buckling in long structures
GW Hunt, MA Peletier, AR Champneys, PD Woods, MA Wadee, CJ Budd, ...
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Structural localization phenomena and the dynamical phase-space analogy
GW Hunt, HM Bolt, JMT Thompson
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Hyperelastic constitutive modeling under finite strain
MM Attard, GW Hunt
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Localization and mode interaction in sandwich structures
GW Hunt, MA Wadee
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Twist buckling and the foldable cylinder: an exercise in origami
GW Hunt, I Ario
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Comparative lagrangian formulations for localized buckling
GW Hunt, MK Wadee
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Towards a unified bifurcation theory
JMT Thompson, GW Hunt
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Cylindrical shell buckling: a characterization of localization and periodicity
GW Hunt, GJ Lord, MA Peletier
Discrete & Continuous Dynamical Systems-B 3 (4), 505, 2003
Out-of-plane ply wrinkling defects during consolidation over an external radius
TJ Dodwell, R Butler, GW Hunt
Composites Science and Technology 105, 151-159, 2014
Kink band instability in layered structures
MA Wadee, GW Hunt, MA Peletier
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Interactive buckling in sandwich structures
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GW Hunt, GJ Lord, AR Champneys
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The Maxwell stability criterion in pseudo-energy models of kink banding
GW Hunt, MA Peletier, MA Wadee
Journal of Structural Geology 22 (5), 669-681, 2000
Hidden symmetry concepts in the elastic buckling of axially-loaded cylinders
GW Hunt, KAJ Williams, RG Cowell
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Computation of localized post buckling in long axially compressed cylindrical shells
GJ Lord, AR Champneys, GW Hunt
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Asymptotic and Rayleigh–Ritz routes to localized buckling solutions in an elastic instability problem
MK Wadee, GW Hunt, AIM Whiting
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series A: Mathematical, Physical …, 1997
Mode jumping in the buckling of struts and plates: a comparative study
PR Everall, GW Hunt
International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics 35 (6), 1067-1079, 2000
Localized elasticae for the strut on the linear foundation
GW Hunt, MK Wadee, N Shiacolas
Journal of applied mechanics 60, 1033, 1993
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