Shang Deng
Shang Deng
Structural Geology and Tectonics, Sinopec Group
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Hivatkozott rá
Structural characterization of intracratonic strike-slip faults in the central Tarim Basin
S Deng, H Li, Z Zhang, J Zhang, X Yang
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Mechanical properties and energy conversion of 3D close-packed lattice model for brittle rocks
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Geometry, kinematics and displacement characteristics of strike-slip faults in the northern slope of Tazhong uplift in Tarim Basin: A study based on 3D seismic data
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Permeability characterization of natural compaction bands using core flooding experiments and three-dimensional image-based analysis: Comparing and contrasting the results from …
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The evolution of the complex anticlinal belt with crosscutting strike‐slip faults in the central Tarim basin, NW China
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Cross-bedding related anisotropy and its interplay with various boundary conditions in the formation and orientation of joints in an aeolian sandstone
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Two distinct strike-slip fault networks in the Shunbei area and its surroundings, Tarim Basin: Hydrocarbon accumulation, distribution, and controlling factors
S Deng, R Zhao, Q Kong, Y Li, B Li
AAPG Bulletin 106 (1), 77-102, 2022
Relationship between fractures, stress, strike-slip fault and reservoir productivity, China Shunbei oil field, Tarim Basin
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Spatial characteristics and controlling factors of the strike‐slip fault zones in the Northern Slope of Tazhong Uplift, Tarim Basin: Insight from 3D seismic data
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A three-dimensional discrete element model of triaxial tests based on a new flexible membrane boundary
Y Qin, C Liu, X Zhang, X Wang, B Shi, Y Wang, S Deng
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A study on permeability along strike slip faults in Shunbei reservoir of Tarim Basin, China
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Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects, 1-17, 2020
The dynamics and interaction of compaction bands in Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada (USA): Implications for their growth, evolution, and geostatistical property
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Description of the reservoir along strike-slip fault zones in China T-Sh oilfield, Tarim Basin
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Carbonates and Evaporites 36 (1), 1-12, 2021
The critical control of arkosic sandstone porosity on deformation band formation: Insights from the Shulu across-fault borehole in the Bohai Bay Basin, China
Z Liu, X Fu, S Deng, L Meng, H Wang, Y Sun, Z Chen
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Recent progress in our understanding of the orientation and distribution of compaction bands in aeolian sandstone with an emphasize on the role of cross-beds and related anisotropy
S Deng, A Aydin
this volume, 2012
The evolution of a strike-slip fault network in the Guchengxu High, Tarim Basin (NW China)
H Qiu, S Deng, J Zhang, H Lin, C Huang, J Han, W Lin, X Zhu
Marine and Petroleum Geology 140, 105655, 2022
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