Lucie Debeffe
Lucie Debeffe
Researcher at INRA-CEFS
E-mail megerősítve itt: usask.ca - Kezdőlap
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Hivatkozott rá
Interindividual variability in habitat use: evidence for a risk management syndrome in roe deer?
N Bonnot, H Verheyden, P Blanchard, J Cote, L Debeffe, B Cargnelutti, ...
Behavioral Ecology 26 (1), 105-114, 2015
Condition‐dependent natal dispersal in a large herbivore: heavier animals show a greater propensity to disperse and travel further
L Debeffe, N Morellet, B Cargnelutti, B Lourtet, R Bon, JM Gaillard, ...
Journal of Animal Ecology 81 (6), 1327-1327, 2012
Negative covariance between parasite load and body condition in a population of feral horses
L Debeffe, PD Mcloughlin, SA Medill, K Stewart, D Andres, T Shury, ...
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Exploration as a key component of natal dispersal: dispersers explore more than philopatric individuals in roe deer
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Animal Behaviour 86 (1), 143-151, 2013
Mapping out a future for ungulate migrations
MJ Kauffman, F Cagnacci, S Chamaillé-Jammes, M Hebblewhite, ...
Science 372 (6542), 566-569, 2021
Behavioural synchronization of large‐scale animal movements–disperse alone, but migrate together?
J Cote, G Bocedi, L Debeffe, ME Chudzińska, HC Weigang, C Dytham, ...
Biological reviews 92 (3), 1275-1296, 2017
A one night stand? Reproductive excursions of female roe deer as a breeding dispersal tactic
L Debeffe, S Focardi, C Bonenfant, AJM Hewison, N Morellet, C Vanpé, ...
Oecologia 176, 431-443, 2014
Stick or twist: roe deer adjust their flight behaviour to the perceived trade-off between risk and reward
NC Bonnot, AJM Hewison, N Morellet, JM Gaillard, L Debeffe, O Couriot, ...
Animal behaviour 124, 35-46, 2017
Short-and long-term repeatability of docility in the roe deer: sex and age matter
L Debeffe, JF Lemaître, UA Bergvall, AJM Hewison, JM Gaillard, ...
Animal Behaviour 109, 53-63, 2015
The link between behavioural type and natal dispersal propensity reveals a dispersal syndrome in a large herbivore
L Debeffe, N Morellet, N Bonnot, JM Gaillard, B Cargnelutti, ...
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Density‐dependent resource selection by a terrestrial herbivore in response to sea‐to‐land nutrient transfer by seals
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Accelerating across the landscape: The energetic costs of natal dispersal in a large herbivore
L Benoit, AJM Hewison, A Coulon, L Debeffe, D Grémillet, D Ducros, ...
Journal of Animal Ecology 89 (1), 173-185, 2020
Parasite abundance contributes to condition‐dependent dispersal in a wild population of large herbivore
L Debeffe, N Morellet, H Verheyden‐Tixier, H Hoste, JM Gaillard, ...
Oikos 123 (9), 1121-1125, 2014
Beyond dispersal versus philopatry? Alternative behavioural tactics of juvenile roe deer in a heterogeneous landscape
D Ducros, N Morellet, R Patin, K Atmeh, L Debeffe, B Cargnelutti, ...
Oikos 129 (1), 81-92, 2020
Costs of social dispersal in a polygynous mammal
L Debeffe, E Richard, SA Medill, JN Weisgerber, PD McLoughlin
Behavioral Ecology 26 (6), 1476-1485, 2015
Individual variation in an acute stress response reflects divergent coping strategies in a large herbivore
C Monestier, E Gilot-Fromont, N Morellet, L Debeffe, N Cebe, J Merlet, ...
Behavioural processes 132, 22-28, 2016
Island tameness and the repeatability of flight initiation distance in a large herbivore
D Cabrera, D Andres, PD McLoughlin, L Debeffe, SA Medill, AJ Wilson, ...
Canadian Journal of Zoology 95 (10), 771-778, 2017
Sex-specific differences in spring and autumn migration in a northern large herbivore
L Debeffe, IM Rivrud, EL Meisingset, A Mysterud
Scientific Reports 9 (1), 6137, 2019
Individual quality and age but not environmental or social conditions modulate costs of reproduction in a capital breeder
L Debeffe, J Poissant, PD McLoughlin
Ecology and Evolution 7 (15), 5580-5591, 2017
Sex differences in condition dependence of natal dispersal in a large herbivore: dispersal propensity and distance are decoupled
AJM Hewison, JM Gaillard, N Morellet, F Cagnacci, L Debeffe, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B 288 (1946), 20202947, 2021
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