Stéphane Gaffet
Stéphane Gaffet
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Hivatkozott rá
The 1997 Umbria‐Marche, Italy, earthquake sequence: A first look at the main shocks and aftershocks
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Underground operation at best sensitivity of the mobile LNE-SYRTE cold atom gravimeter
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Simultaneous seismic and magnetic measurements in the Low-Noise Underground Laboratory (LSBB) of Rustrel, France, during the 2001 January 26 Indian earthquake
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Frequency‐scaled curvature as a proxy for topographic site‐effect amplification and ground‐motion variability
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ELGAR—a European laboratory for gravitation and atom-interferometric research
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Use of the simultaneous seismic, GPS and meteorological monitoring for the characterization of a large unstable mountain slope in the southern French Alps
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Energetic charged particles above thunderclouds
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A dense array experiment for the observation of waveform perturbations
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