Samuel Haines
Samuel Haines
Earth Observatory of Singapore
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Clay quantification and Ar–Ar dating of synthetic and natural gouge: application to the Miocene Sierra Mazatán detachment fault, Sonora, Mexico
SH Haines, BA van der Pluijm
Journal of Structural Geology 30 (4), 525-538, 2008
Shear zones in clay-rich fault gouge: A laboratory study of fabric development and evolution
SH Haines, B Kaproth, C Marone, D Saffer, B Van der Pluijm
Journal of Structural Geology 51, 206-225, 2013
Clay fabric intensity in natural and artificial fault gouges: Implications for brittle fault zone processes and sedimentary basin clay fabric evolution
SH Haines, BA Van Der Pluijm, MJ Ikari, DM Saffer, C Marone
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 114 (B5), 2009
Patterns of mineral transformations in clay gouge, with examples from low-angle normal fault rocks in the western USA
SH Haines, BA van der Pluijm
Journal of Structural Geology 43, 2-32, 2012
Links between orogenic wedge deformation and erosional exhumation: Evidence from illite age analysis of fault rock and detrital thermochronology of syn-tectonic conglomerates …
JM Rahl, SH Haines, BA Van der Pluijm
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 307 (1-2), 180-190, 2011
Rift nucleation, rift propagation and the creation of basement micro-plates within active rifts
D Koehn, K Aanyu, S Haines, T Sachau
Tectonophysics 458 (1-4), 105-116, 2008
Active transsection faults in rift transfer zones: evidence for complex stress fields and implications for crustal fragmentation processes in the western branch of the East …
D Koehn, M Lindenfeld, G Rümpker, K Aanyu, S Haines, CW Passchier, ...
International Journal of Earth Sciences 99 (7), 1633-1642, 2010
Dating the detachment fault system of the Ruby Mountains, Nevada: Significance for the kinematics of low‐angle normal faults
SH Haines, BA van der Pluijm
Tectonics 29 (4), 2010
Frictional properties of low-angle normal fault gouges and implications for low-angle normal fault slip
S Haines, C Marone, D Saffer
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 408, 57-65, 2014
Meteoric fluid infiltration in crustal-scale normal fault systems as indicated by δ18O and δ2H geochemistry and 40Ar/39Ar dating of neoformed clays in brittle fault …
S Haines, E Lynch, A Mulch, JW Valley, B van der Pluijm
Lithosphere 8 (6), 587-600, 2016
Transformations in clay-rich fault rocks: constraining fault zone processes and the kinematic evolution of regions
S Haines
University of Michigan, 2008
Laboratory Measurements of Permeability Reduction in Naturally Occuring Shear Bands Formed in Unlithified Sands
E Perez
Data report: clay mineral assemblages in hemipelagic sediments entering the Sumatra subduction zone, IODP Sites U1480 and U1481, Expedition 362
K Rosenberger, MB Underwood, P Vrolijk, S Haines
Expedition 362, 1, 2020
Frictional properties of low-angle normal fault gouges and implications for low-angle normal fault slip
SH Haines, C Marone, DM Saffer
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2010, T32A-06, 2010
Unusual ‘graded’ fault rocks from the Snake Range Detachment, NV - Implications for fluid involvement in low-angle normal fault processes and the angle of slip of core complex …
SH Haines
2009 Portland GSA Annual Meeting, 2009
Radiometric dating of brittle fault rocks; illite polytype age analysis and application to the Spanish Pyrenees.
BA Van der Pluijm, SH Haines
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2008, T21E-07, 2008
Localized extension in megathrust hanging wall following great earthquakes in western Nepal
M Riesner, L Bollinger, J Hubbard, C Guérin, M Lefèvre, A Vallage, ...
Scientific reports 11 (1), 1-18, 2021
From Fault Dates to Orogenic Rates: Fault Gouge Dating in the Spanish Pyrenees and Application to Global Fold-Thrust Belt Strain Rates
S Haines, B van der Pluijm, JS Hnat, D Pana, J Hubbard
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2020, T044-02, 2020
Stratigraphic Expression and Slip Rate of the Main Frontal Thrust in Central Nepal: A 50,000-year record in the Bardibas area
S Haines, M Hamahashi, J Hubbard, RV Almeida, EM Latrubesse, ...
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2019, T41E-0329, 2019
Evidence for Crustal Extension in the Main Himalayan Thrust Hanging Wall During the Latest Great Himalayan Earthquake in Western Nepal
M Riesner, L Bollinger, J Hubbard, C Guérin, A Vallage, M Lefevre, ...
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2019, T41E-0317, 2019
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