Stephen McPhail
Stephen McPhail
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Hivatkozott rá
Life cycle assessment and water footprint of hydrogen production methods: from conventional to emerging technologies
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E. 2001
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Reversible solid oxide systems for energy and chemical applications–Review & perspectives
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Using viscous heating to determine the friction factor in microchannels–An experimental validation
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SB Beale, M Andersson, C Boigues-Muñoz, HL Frandsen, Z Lin, ...
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S McPhail, A Moreno, R Bove
Report, IEA, 2015. Annex 23, 2008
Molten carbonate fuel cells for CO2 separation and segregation by retrofitting existing plants–An analysis of feasible operating windows and first experimental findings
I Rexed, M Della Pietra, S McPhail, G Lindbergh, C Lagergren
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Cu-Mn-Co oxides as protective materials in SOFC technology: The effect of chemical composition on mechanochemical synthesis, sintering behaviour, thermal expansion and …
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Journal of the European Ceramic Society 37 (2), 661-669, 2017
The Yellow Pages of SOFC Technology—International Status of SOFC Deployment 2017
SJ McPhail, J Kiviaho, B Conti
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland 25, 2017
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