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Andreas Wiegmann
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Structural boundary design via level set and immersed interface methods
JA Sethian, A Wiegmann
Journal of computational physics 163 (2), 489-528, 2000
Digital rock physics benchmarks—Part I: Imaging and segmentation
H Andrä, N Combaret, J Dvorkin, E Glatt, J Han, M Kabel, Y Keehm, ...
Computers & Geosciences 50, 25-32, 2013
Digital rock physics benchmarks—Part II: Computing effective properties
H Andrä, N Combaret, J Dvorkin, E Glatt, J Han, M Kabel, Y Keehm, ...
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Modeling of two-phase behavior in the gas diffusion medium of PEFCs via full morphology approach
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The explicit-jump immersed interface method: finite difference methods for PDEs with piecewise smooth solutions
A Wiegmann, KP Bube
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Design of acoustic trim based on geometric modeling and flow simulation for non-woven
K Schladitz, S Peters, D Reinel-Bitzer, A Wiegmann, J Ohser
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S Berg, M Rücker, H Ott, A Georgiadis, H Van der Linde, F Enzmann, ...
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Estimating effective thermal conductivity in carbon paper diffusion media
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A Wiegmann
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Estimating the thermal conductivity and diffusion coefficient of the microporous layer of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
N Zamel, J Becker, A Wiegmann
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Pore‐scale simulations to determine the applied hydrodynamic torque and colloid immobilization
SA Bradford, S Torkzaban, A Wiegmann
Vadose Zone Journal 10 (1), 252-261, 2011
EJ-HEAT: A fast explicit jump harmonic averaging solver for the effective heat conductivity of composite materials
A Wiegmann, A Zemitis
Fraunhofer ITWM, 2006
Effect of liquid water on transport properties of the gas diffusion layer of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
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A Wiegmann, KP Bube
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The LIR Space Partitioning System applied to the Stokes Equations
S Linden, A Wiegmann, H Hagen
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Confinement effect on porosity and permeability of shales
J Goral, P Panja, M Deo, M Andrew, S Linden, JO Schwarz, A Wiegmann
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A lattice Boltzmann method for immiscible multiphase flow simulations using the level set method
G Thömmes, J Becker, M Junk, AK Vaikuntam, D Kehrwald, A Klar, ...
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Young’s modulus and thermal conductivity of closed-cell, open-cell and inverse ceramic foams–model-based predictions, cross-property predictions and numerical calculations
W Pabst, T Uhlířová, E Gregorová, A Wiegmann
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 38 (6), 2570-2578, 2018
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