Reny George
Reny George
Professor, Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia
E-mail megerősítve itt: psau.edu.sa
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Rectangular b-metric space and contraction principles
R George, S Radenovic, KP Reshma, S Shukla
J. Nonlinear Sci. Appl 8 (6), 1005-1013, 2015
A generalised fixed point theorem of Presic type in cone metric spaces and application to Markov process
R George, KP Reshma, R Rajagopalan
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MS Khan, HK Pathak, R George
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Some generalized fixed point results in a b-metric space and application to matrix equations
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On the existence and stability of a neutral stochastic fractional differential system
M Ahmad, A Zada, M Ghaderi, R George, S Rezapour
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R George, R Rajagopalan
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Generalized cone b-metric spaces and contraction principles
R George, HA Nabwey, KP Reshma, R Rajagopalan
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A theoretical analysis of a fractional multi-dimensional system of boundary value problems on the methylpropane graph via fixed point technique
S Rezapour, CT Deressa, A Hussain, S Etemad, R George, B Ahmad
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R George, C Alaca, KP Reshma
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Analysis on a coupled system of two sequential hybrid BVPs with numerical simulations to a model of typhoid treatment
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On Unique and Nonunique Fixed Points and Fixed Circles in -Metric Space and Application to Cantilever Beam Problem
M Joshi, A Tomar, HA Nabwey, R George
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R George, KP Reshma, A Padmavati
Nonlinear Funct. Anal 5, 2015
On Jungck–Branciari–Wardowski Type Fixed Point Results
B Carić, T Došenović, R George, ZD Mitrović, S Radenović
Mathematics 9 (2), 161, 2021
Entropies Via Various Molecular Descriptors of Layer Structure of H3BO3
MU Ghani, M Kashif Maqbool, R George, AE Ofem, M Cancan
Mathematics 10 (24), 4831, 2022
Some generalized contraction classes and common fixed points in b-metric space endowed with a graph
R George, HA Nabwey, R Ramaswamy, S Radenović
Mathematics 7 (8), 754, 2019
On Presic type extension of Banach contraction principle
R George, MS Khan
Int. J. Math. Anal.(21), 1019-1024, 2011
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