Ken Onda
Ken Onda
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Hivatkozott rá
Femtosecond imaging of surface plasmon dynamics in a nanostructured silver film
A Kubo, K Onda, H Petek, Z Sun, YS Jung, HK Kim
Nano letters 5 (6), 1123-1127, 2005
Mapping molecular motions leading to charge delocalization with ultrabright electrons
M Gao, C Lu, H Jean-Ruel, LC Liu, A Marx, K Onda, S Koshihara, ...
Nature 496 (7445), 343-346, 2013
Wet electrons at the H2O/TiO2 (110) surface
K Onda, B Li, J Zhao, KD Jordan, J Yang, H Petek
Science 308 (5725), 1154-1158, 2005
Wet electrons at the H2O/TiO2 (110) surface
K Onda, B Li, J Zhao, KD Jordan, J Yang, H Petek
Science 308 (5725), 1154-1158, 2005
Wet electrons at the H2O/TiO2 (110) surface
K Onda, B Li, J Zhao, KD Jordan, J Yang, H Petek
Science 308 (5725), 1154-1158, 2005
Ultrafast interfacial proton-coupled electron transfer
B Li, J Zhao, K Onda, KD Jordan, J Yang, H Petek
Science 311 (5766), 1436-1440, 2006
Two-photon photoemission spectroscopy of Ti O 2 (110) surfaces modified by defects and O 2 or H 2 O adsorbates
K Onda, B Li, H Petek
Physical Review B 70 (4), 045415, 2004
Solvated electrons on metal oxide surfaces
J Zhao, B Li, K Onda, M Feng, H Petek
Chemical reviews 106 (10), 4402-4427, 2006
Direct observation of collective modes coupled to molecular orbital–driven charge transfer
T Ishikawa, SA Hayes, S Keskin, G Corthey, M Hada, K Pichugin, A Marx, ...
Science 350 (6267), 1501-1505, 2015
Photoinduced Change in the Charge Order Pattern in the Quarter-Filled Organic Conductor with a Strong Electron-Phonon Interaction
K Onda, S Ogihara, K Yonemitsu, N Maeshima, T Ishikawa, Y Okimoto, ...
Physical review letters 101 (6), 067403, 2008
Experimental and theoretical exploration of photodissociation of SO2 via the C1B2 state: Identification of the dissociation pathway
H Katagiri, T Sako, A Hishikawa, T Yazaki, K Onda, K Yamanouchi, ...
Journal of molecular structure 413, 589-614, 1997
Adsorption of CO and NO on NiO (111) Ni (111) surface studied by infrared-visible sum frequency generation spectroscopy
A Bandara, S Dobashi, J Kubota, K Onda, A Wada, K Domen, C Hirose, ...
Surface science 387 (1-3), 312-319, 1997
The electronic structure of methanol covered TiO2 (1 1 0) surfaces
K Onda, B Li, J Zhao, H Petek
Surface science 593 (1-3), 32-37, 2005
Photochemistry of fac-[Re (bpy)(CO) 3Cl]
S Sato, Y Matubara, K Koike, M Falkenström, T Katayama, Y Ishibashi, ...
Chemistry (Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany) 18 (49), 15722, 2012
Short-lived reactive intermediate in the decomposition of formate on NiO (111) surface observed by picosecond temperature jump
A Bandara, J Kubota, K Onda, A Wada, SS Kano, K Domen, C Hirose
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 102 (31), 5951-5954, 1998
Ultrasonic Propagation of a Metallic Domain in Undergoing a Photoinduced Insulator-Metal Transition
Y Okimoto, X Peng, M Tamura, T Morita, K Onda, T Ishikawa, S Koshihara, ...
Physical review letters 103 (2), 027402, 2009
Structural monitoring of the onset of excited-state aromaticity in a liquid crystal phase
M Hada, S Saito, S Tanaka, R Sato, M Yoshimura, K Mouri, K Matsuo, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 139 (44), 15792-15800, 2017
Interatomic potentials of triplet s‐Rydberg series of HgNe and HgAr van der Waals dimers
K Onda, K Yamanouchi, M Okunishi, S Tsuchiya
The Journal of chemical physics 101 (9), 7290-7299, 1994
Direct imaging of electron recombination and transport on a semiconductor surface by femtosecond time-resolved photoemission electron microscopy
K Fukumoto, Y Yamada, K Onda, S Koshihara
Applied Physics Letters 104 (5), 053117, 2014
Optical control of two-photon excitation efficiency of α-perylene crystal by pulse shaping
T Okada, I Otake, R Mizoguchi, K Onda, SS Kano, A Wada
The Journal of chemical physics 121 (13), 6386-6391, 2004
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