Thomas P. Hendrickson
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Life-cycle implications and supply chain logistics of electric vehicle battery recycling in California
TP Hendrickson, O Kavvada, N Shah, R Sathre, CD Scown
Environmental Research Letters 10 (1), 014011, 2015
Energy and climate effects of second-life use of electric vehicle batteries in California through 2050
R Sathre, CD Scown, O Kavvada, TP Hendrickson
Journal of Power Sources 288, 82-91, 2015
Assessing location and scale of urban nonpotable water reuse systems for life-cycle energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions
O Kavvada, A Horvath, JR Stokes-Draut, TP Hendrickson, WA Eisenstein, ...
Environmental science & technology 50 (24), 13184-13194, 2016
Review of recent lifecycle assessments of energy and greenhouse gas emissions for electric vehicles
R Nealer, TP Hendrickson
Current Sustainable/Renewable Energy Reports 2, 66-73, 2015
Life-cycle energy use and greenhouse gas emissions of a building-scale wastewater treatment and nonpotable reuse system
TP Hendrickson, MT Nguyen, M Sukardi, A Miot, A Horvath, KL Nelson
Environmental science & technology 49 (17), 10303-10311, 2015
The greenhouse gas benefits of corn ethanol–assessing recent evidence
J Lewandrowski, J Rosenfeld, D Pape, T Hendrickson, K Jaglo, K Moffroid
Biofuels, 2020
A perspective on cost-effectiveness of greenhouse gas reduction solutions in water distribution systems
TP Hendrickson, A Horvath
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A life-cycle analysis of the greenhouse gas emissions of corn-based ethanol
M Flugge, J Lewandrowski, J Rosenfeld, C Boland, T Hendrickson, ...
Save water to save carbon and money: developing abatement costs for expanded greenhouse gas reduction portfolios
JR Stokes, TP Hendrickson, A Horvath
Environmental science & technology 48 (23), 13583-13591, 2014
Impacts of groundwater management on energy resources and greenhouse gas emissions in California
TP Hendrickson, M Bruguera
Water Research 141, 196-207, 2018
Selecting climate change mitigation strategies in urban areas through life cycle perspectives
TP Hendrickson, M Nikolic, J Rakas
Journal of Cleaner Production 135, 1129-1137, 2016
A life-cycle analysis of the greenhouse gas emissions from corn-based ethanol Report prepared by ICF under USDA Contract No
J Rosenfeld, J Lewandrowski, T Hendrickson, K Jaglo, K Moffroid, D Pape
AG-3142-D-17-0161, 2018
Life-Cycle Costs and Emissions of Pareto-Optimal Residential, Roof-Mounted Photovoltaic Systems
TP Hendrickson, A Horvath, SM Madanat
Journal of Infrastructure Systems, 0
Renewable Energy Trends, Options, and Potentials for Agriculture, Forestry, and Rural America
C Schultz, D Man, J Rosenfeld, M McCurdy, K Anderson, B Jaglo, ...
US Department of Agriculture, Office of the Chief Economist: Washington, DC, USA, 2021
Paths to circularity for plastics in the United States
TP Hendrickson, B Bose, N Vora, T Huntington, SL Nordahl, BA Helms, ...
One Earth 7 (3), 520-531, 2024
Carbon and Water Resource Management for Water Distribution Systems
TP Hendrickson
University of California, Berkeley, 2013
Exploring the cost and emissions impacts, feasibility, and scalability of battery-electric ships
WY Park, HS Moon, T Hendrickson, A Phadke, N Popovich
Battery Electrification of US Domestic Shipping
HS Moon, WY Park, T Hendrickson, A Phadke, N Popovich
Spatial analysis and environmental effects of decentralized water reuse systems
O Kavvada, JR Stokes, KL Nelson, TP Hendrickson, W Eisenstein, ...
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