Bing-Yu Chen
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Video stabilization using robust feature trajectories
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FingerPad: private and subtle interaction using fingertips
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Flod: A framework for peer-to-peer 3d streaming
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National Taiwan University
BY Chen
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Smartplayer: user-centric video fast-forwarding
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Capturing Intention‐based Full‐Frame Video Stabilization
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Quantitative analysis of automatic image cropping algorithms: A dataset and comparative study
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Enabling nutrition-aware cooking in a smart kitchen
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Unbiased, adaptive stochastic sampling for rendering inhomogeneous participating media
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iCon: utilizing everyday objects as additional, auxiliary and instant tabletop controllers
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Ambiguity-free edge-bundling for interactive graph visualization
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Legolization: Optimizing lego designs
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Domain connected graph: the skeleton of a closed 3D shape for animation
FC Wu, WC Ma, RH Liang, BY Chen, M Ouhyoung
The Visual Computer 22, 117-135, 2006
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