Andreas M. Waser
Andreas M. Waser
Alfred-Wegener-Institute, Wadden Sea Research Station
E-mail megerősítve itt: awi.de
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Indirect effects of invasive species affecting the population structure of an ecosystem engineer
AM Waser, W Splinter, J Van der Meer
Ecosphere 6 (7), 1-12, 2015
Impact on bird fauna of a non-native oyster expanding into blue mussel beds in the Dutch Wadden Sea
AM Waser, S Deuzeman, AK wa Kangeri, E van Winden, J Postma, ...
Biological Conservation 202, 39-49, 2016
The birth, growth and death of intertidal soft-sediment bivalve beds: no need for large-scale restoration programs in the Dutch Wadden Sea
J van der Meer, N Dankers, BJ Ens, M van Stralen, K Troost, AM Waser
Ecosystems 22, 1024-1034, 2019
Cross-species comparison of parasite richness, prevalence, and intensity in a native compared to two invasive brachyuran crabs.
MA Goedknegt, J Havermans, AM Waser, PC Luttikhuizen, E Velilla, ...
Aquatic Invasions 12 (2), 2017
Tidal elevation and parasitism: patterns of infection by the rhizocephalan parasite Sacculina carcini in shore crabs Carcinus maenas
AM Waser, MA Goedknegt, R Dekker, N McSweeney, JIJ Witte, ...
Marine Ecology Progress Series 545, 215-225, 2016
wa Kangeri
AM Waser, S Deuzeman
AK, van Winden, E., Postma, J., de Boer, P., van der Meer, J., Ens, BJ, 39-49, 2016
Spread of the invasive shell-boring annelid Polydora websteri (Polychaeta, Spionidae) into naturalised oyster reefs in the European Wadden Sea
AM Waser, D Lackschewitz, J Knol, K Reise, KM Wegner, DW Thieltges
Marine Biodiversity 50, 1-10, 2020
How invasive oysters can affect parasite infection patterns in native mussels on a large spatial scale
MA Goedknegt, R Nauta, M Markovic, C Buschbaum, EO Folmer, ...
Oecologia 190 (1), 99-113, 2019
Predation on intertidal mussels: Influence of biotic factors on the survival of epibenthic bivalve beds
AM Waser
Quantifying Tidal Movements of the Shore Crab Carcinus maenas on to Complex Epibenthic Bivalve Habitats
AM Waser, R Dekker, JIJ Witte, N McSweeney, BJ Ens, J van der Meer
Estuaries and Coasts 41, 507-520, 2018
Indirect effects of invasive species affecting the population structure of an ecosystem engineer. Ecosphere 6: 109
AM Waser, W Splinter, J van der Meer
Impacts of macrozoobenthic invasions on a temperate coastal food web
AS Jung, HW van der Veer, CJM Philippart, AM Waser, BJ Ens, ...
Marine Ecology Progress Series 653, 19-39, 2020
Prey size selection in invasive (Hemigrapsus sanguineus and H. takanoi) compared with native (Carcinus maenas) marine crabs
MM Bouwmeester, AM Waser, J van der Meer, DW Thieltges
Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom 100 (1 …, 2020
Stable nitrogen isotope analysis of amino acids as a new tool to clarify complex parasite–host interactions within food webs
PM Riekenberg, T Joling, LL IJsseldijk, AM Waser, MTJ van der Meer, ...
Oikos 130 (10), 1650-1664, 2021
Introduced species in a tidal ecosystem of mud and sand: curse or blessing?
K Reise, C Buschbaum, D Lackschewitz, DW Thieltges, AM Waser, ...
Marine Biodiversity 53 (1), 5, 2023
Temporal and spatial infection patterns of the rhizocephalan parasite Parasacculina leptodiae (Guérin-Ganivet, 1911) in the crab Leptodius exaratus along the …
Z Al-Wazzan, AM Waser, H Glenner, L Gimenez, DW Thieltges
Marine Biodiversity 51 (6), 90, 2021
First record of the endoparasitic isopod Portunion maenadis (Giard, 1886)(Epicaridea: Entoniscidae) in shore crabs in the Wadden Sea and a review of its distribution in Europe
A Cornelius, AM Waser, C Buschbaum, DW Thieltges
Marine Biodiversity 49 (6), 2931-2936, 2019
Effect of predation risk on parasite transmission from first to second intermediate trematode hosts
A Cornelius, C Buschbaum, M Khosravi, AM Waser, KM Wegner, ...
Journal of Animal Ecology, 2023
Ecological change in the early Anthropocene: Insight from death assemblages of the locally extinct European flat oyster (Ostrea edulis) in the Sylt-Rømø Bight
L Sander, B Pogoda, K Reise, A Waser
EGU23, 2023
Living in periwinkles: Large scale distribution and abundance of the ciliate Protophrya ovicola
A Waser, L Geerlings, B Heidstra, R Butlin, S Stankowski, K Johannesson, ...
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