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Hivatkozott rá
Enhancement of visible-light-driven photocatalytic H2 evolution from water over g-C3N4 through combination with perylene diimide aggregates
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Morphology Control of Nanofibril Donor–Acceptor Heterojunction To Achieve High Photoconductivity: Exploration of New Molecular Design Rule
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pH-responsive polyoxometalate-based supramolecular hybrid nanomaterials and application as renewable catalyst for dyes
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J He, DM Agra-Kooijman, G Singh, C Wang, C Dugger, J Zeng, L Zang, ...
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Poly (3-alkylthiophene)/CNT-based chemiresistive sensors for vapor detection of linear alkanes: Effect of polymer side chain length
Y Zhang, BR Bunes, C Wang, N Wu, L Zang
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 247, 713-717, 2017
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