Brad J  Gemmell
Brad J Gemmell
Associate Professor, University of South Florida
E-mail megerősítve itt: usf.edu
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
An algorithm to estimate unsteady and quasi-steady pressure fields from velocity field measurements
JO Dabiri, S Bose, BJ Gemmell, SP Colin, JH Costello
Journal of Experimental Biology 217 (3), 331-336, 2014
Passive energy recapture in jellyfish contributes to propulsive advantage over other metazoans
BJ Gemmell, JH Costello, SP Colin, CJ Stewart, JO Dabiri, D Tafti, S Priya
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (44), 17904-17909, 2013
Bending rules for animal propulsion
KN Lucas, N Johnson, WT Beaulieu, E Cathcart, G Tirrell, SP Colin, ...
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Suction-based propulsion as a basis for efficient animal swimming
BJ Gemmell, SP Colin, JH Costello, JO Dabiri
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Effects of non-uniform stiffness on the swimming performance of a passively-flexing, fish-like foil model
KN Lucas, PJM Thornycroft, BJ Gemmell, SP Colin, JH Costello, ...
Bioinspiration & biomimetics 10 (5), 056019, 2015
An in-depth survey of the oil spill literature since 1968: Long term trends and changes since Deepwater Horizon
D Murphy, B Gemmell, L Vaccari, C Li, H Bacosa, M Evans, C Gemmell, ...
Marine Pollution Bulletin 113 (1-2), 371-379, 2016
Dynamic sinking behaviour in marine phytoplankton: rapid changes in buoyancy may aid in nutrient uptake
BJ Gemmell, G Oh, EJ Buskey, TA Villareal
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The hydrodynamics of jellyfish swimming
JH Costello, SP Colin, JO Dabiri, BJ Gemmell, KN Lucas, KR Sutherland
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Volumetric quantification of fluid flow reveals fish's use of hydrodynamic stealth to capture evasive prey
BJ Gemmell, D Adhikari, EK Longmire
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SP Colin, JH Costello, JO Dabiri, A Villanueva, JB Blottman, BJ Gemmell, ...
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A new approach to micro-scale particle image velocimetry (µPIV) for quantifying flows around free-swimming zooplankton
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Control of vortex rings for manoeuvrability
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Multi-jet propulsion organized by clonal development in a colonial siphonophore
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Morphology of seahorse head hydrodynamically aids in capture of evasive prey
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Widespread utilization of passive energy recapture in swimming medusae
BJ Gemmell, SP Colin, JH Costello
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Dynamic criteria of plankton jumping out of water
SJ Kim, J Hasanyan, BJ Gemmell, S Lee, S Jung
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Passive bristling of mako shark scales in reversing flows
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Exploring vortex enhancement and manipulation mechanisms in jellyfish that contributes to energetically efficient propulsion
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Compensatory escape mechanism at low Reynolds number
BJ Gemmell, J Sheng, EJ Buskey
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (12), 4661-4666, 2013
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