Zach Wallace
Zach Wallace
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Hivatkozott rá
Effects of nitrogen saturation on tree growth and death in a mixed-oak forest
ZP Wallace, GM Lovett, JE Hart, B Machona
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Human‐made structures, vegetation, and weather influence ferruginous hawk breeding performance
ZP Wallace, PL Kennedy, JR Squires, LE Olson, RJ Oakleaf
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A spatially explicit model to predict the relative risk of Golden Eagle electrocutions in the Northwestern Plains, USA
G Bedrosian, JD Carlisle, B Woodbridge, JR Dunk, ZP Wallace, JF Dwyer, ...
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TN Johnson, K Nasman, ZP Wallace, LE Olson, JR Squires, RM Nielson, ...
Plos one 14 (3), e0213654, 2019
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ZP Wallace
Does Hopi religious harvest of eaglets affect Golden Eagle territory occupancy and reproduction on the Navajo Nation?
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Resource selection of apex raptors: implications for siting energy development in sagebrush and prairie ecosystems
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ZP Wallace, RM Nielson, DW Stahlecker, GT DiDonato, MB Ruehmann, ...
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Bat roost and habitat use at Devils Tower National Monument: final report
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Report CESU Cooperative Agreement P16AC00669. University of Wyoming, Laramie …, 2017
Designing a Standardized Survey Framework for Inventorying Amphibians and Reptiles on Bureau of Land Management Lands in Wyoming
W Estes-Zumpf, Z Wallace, L Tronstad, M Andersen
Prepared for the Bureau of Land Management Wyoming State Office by the …, 2017
Golden Eagle Nesting Territory Distribution in Wind Energy Landscapes of the Southern Great Plains
DW Stahlecker, ZP Wallace, DG Mikesic, CW Boal, RK Murphy, WH Howe, ...
Journal of Raptor Research 56 (4), 387-397, 2022
Wyoming Statewide Flammulated Owl Survey 2021 Final Report
D Jones, Z Wallace, B Bedrosian, A Swan, J Polasik, TR Center
Wyoming BLM Amphibian Survey Project
D Jones, Z Wallace, K Cook, I Abernethy
Survey of Free-Ranging Horses on the Navajo Nation
RM Nielson, ZP Wallace, DW Stahlecker, GT DiDonato, MB Ruehmann, ...
American Fisheries Society & The Wildlife Society 2019 Joint Annual Conference, 2019
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