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Active faulting in the internal zones of the central Betic Cordilleras (SE, Spain)
J Galindo-Zaldıvar, AJ Gil, MJ Borque, F González-Lodeiro, A Jabaloy, ...
Journal of Geodynamics 36 (1-2), 239-250, 2003
Is there an active subduction beneath the Gibraltar orogenic arc? Constraints from Pliocene to present-day stress field
A Pedrera, A Ruiz-Constan, J Galindo-Zaldívar, A Chalouan, ...
Journal of Geodynamics 52 (2), 83-96, 2011
Integrated geophysical methods for studying the karst system of Gruta de las Maravillas (Aracena, Southwest Spain)
FJ Martínez-Moreno, J Galindo-Zaldívar, A Pedrera, T Teixido, P Ruano, ...
Journal of Applied Geophysics 107, 149-162, 2014
Combined microgravity, electrical resistivity tomography and induced polarization to detect deeply buried caves: Algaidilla cave (Southern Spain)
FJ Martínez-Moreno, A Pedrera, P Ruano, J Galindo-Zaldívar, ...
Engineering Geology 162, 67-78, 2013
Inner structure and deformation mechanisms of normal faults in conglomerates and carbonate grainstones (Granada Basin, Betic Cordillera, Spain): Inferences on fault permeability
F Agosta, P Ruano, A Rustichelli, E Tondi, J Galindo-Zaldívar, ...
Journal of Structural Geology 45, 4-20, 2012
Recent tectonic deformations and stresses in the frontal part of the Rif Cordillera and the Saïss Basin (Fes and Rabat regions, Morocco)
K Bargach, P Ruano, A Chabli, J Galindo-ZaldÍvar, A Chalouan, ...
Pure and applied geophysics 161 (3), 521-540, 2004
Main active faults in the Granada and Guadix-Baza basins (Betic Cordillera)
C Sanz de Galdeano, FJ García Tortosa, JA Peláez Montilla, ...
Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 2012
Evaluation of the SBAS InSAR service of the European space Agency’s Geohazard Exploitation Platform (GEP)
JP Galve, JV Pérez-Peña, JM Azañón, D Closson, F Caló, ...
Remote Sensing 9 (12), 1291, 2017
Tectonic wedge escape in the southwestern front of the Rif Cordillera (Morocco)
A Chalouan, J Galindo-Zaldívar, M Akil, C Marín, A Chabli, P Ruano, ...
Geological Society, London, Special Publications 262 (1), 101-118, 2006
Repeated palaeoseismic activity of the Ventas de Zafarraya fault (S Spain) and its relation with the 1884 Andalusian earthquake
KR Reicherter, A Jabaloy, J Galindo-Zaldívar, P Ruano, ...
International Journal of Earth Sciences 92 (6), 912-922, 2003
Reprint of “Magmatism, structure and age of Dove Basin (Antarctica): A key to understanding South Scotia Arc development”
J Galindo‐Zaldívar, E Puga, F Bohoyo, FJ González, A Maldonado, ...
Global and Planetary Change 123, 249-268, 2014
Active shallow extension in central and eastern Betic Cordillera from CGPS data
J Galindo-Zaldivar, AJ Gil, CS de Galdeano, MC Lacy, ...
Tectonophysics 663, 290-301, 2015
Sentinel-1 DInSAR for monitoring active landslides in critical infrastructures: The case of the rules reservoir (Southern Spain)
C Reyes-Carmona, A Barra, JP Galve, O Monserrat, JV Pérez-Peña, ...
Remote Sensing 12 (5), 809, 2020
Alpine bogs of southern Spain show human-induced environmental change superimposed on long-term natural variations
A García-Alix, FJ Jiménez-Espejo, JL Toney, G Jiménez-Moreno, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1-12, 2017
Recent tectonic structures in a transect of the Central Betic Cordillera
P Ruano, J Galindo-Zaldívar, A Jabaloy
Pure and Applied Geophysics 161 (3), 541-563, 2004
Mass transport processes in the southern Scotia Sea: Evidence of paleoearthquakes
P Ruano, F Bohoyo, J Galindo-Zaldívar, LF Pérez, FJ Hernández-Molina, ...
Global and Planetary Change 123, 374-391, 2014
Deep resistivity cross section of the intraplate Atlas Mountains (NW Africa): New evidence of anomalous mantle and related Quaternary volcanism
F Anahnah, J Galindo‐Zaldívar, A Chalouan, A Pedrera, P Ruano, J Pous, ...
Tectonics 30 (5), 2011
Are the seismological and geological observations of the Al Hoceima (Morocco, Rif) 2004 earthquake (M= 6.3) contradictory?
J Galindo-Zaldívar, A Chalouan, O Azzouz, CS De Galdeano, F Anahnah, ...
Tectonophysics 475 (1), 59-67, 2009
Crustal‐scale transcurrent fault development in a weak‐layered crust from an integrated geophysical research: Carboneras Fault Zone, eastern Betic Cordillera, Spain
A Pedrera, F de Lis Mancilla, A Ruiz‐Constán, J Galindo‐Zaldívar, ...
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 11 (12), 2010
Extensional tectonics, graben development and fault terminations in the eastern Rif (Bokoya–Ras Afraou area)
J Galindo-Zaldívar, O Azzouz, A Chalouan, A Pedrera, P Ruano, ...
Tectonophysics 663, 140-149, 2015
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