Chavent Matthieu
Chavent Matthieu
CNRS researcher
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Game on, science-how video game technology may help biologists tackle visualization challenges
Z Lv, A Tek, F Da Silva, C Empereur-Mot, M Chavent, M Baaden
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Supramolecular assemblies underpin turnover of outer membrane proteins in bacteria
P Rassam, NA Copeland, O Birkholz, C Tóth, M Chavent, AL Duncan, ...
Nature 523 (7560), 333-336, 2015
Molecular dynamics simulations of membrane proteins and their interactions: from nanoscale to mesoscale
M Chavent, AL Duncan, MSP Sansom
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Bendix: intuitive helix geometry analysis and abstraction
ACE Dahl, M Chavent, MSP Sansom
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Nothing to sneeze at: a dynamic and integrative computational model of an influenza A virion
T Reddy, D Shorthouse, DL Parton, E Jefferys, PW Fowler, M Chavent, ...
Structure 23 (3), 584-597, 2015
GPU‐accelerated atom and dynamic bond visualization using hyperballs: A unified algorithm for balls, sticks, and hyperboloids
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Epock: rapid analysis of protein pocket dynamics
B Laurent, M Chavent, T Cragnolini, ACE Dahl, S Pasquali, ...
Bioinformatics 31 (9), 1478-1480, 2015
Protein crowding and lipid complexity influence the nanoscale dynamic organization of ion channels in cell membranes
AL Duncan, T Reddy, H Koldsø, J Hélie, PW Fowler, M Chavent, ...
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Membrane stiffness is modified by integral membrane proteins
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Super-complexes of adhesion GPCRs and neural guidance receptors
VA Jackson, S Mehmood, M Chavent, P Roversi, M Carrasquero, ...
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Advances in human-protein interaction-interactive and immersive molecular simulations
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Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology"" Protein-Protein Interactions …, 2012
Blind prediction of interfacial water positions in CAPRI
MF Lensink, IH Moal, PA Bates, PL Kastritis, ASJ Melquiond, E Karaca, ...
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GPU-powered tools boost molecular visualization
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MetaMol: High-quality visualization of molecular skin surface
M Chavent, B Levy, B Maigret
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Cholesterol interaction sites on the transmembrane domain of the hedgehog signal transducer and class FG protein-coupled receptor smoothened
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Lipid-loving ANTs: molecular simulations of cardiolipin interactions and the organization of the adenine nucleotide translocase in model mitochondrial membranes
G Hedger, SL Rouse, J Domański, M Chavent, H Koldsø, MSP Sansom
Biochemistry 55 (45), 6238-6249, 2016
Structural basis of teneurin-latrophilin interaction in repulsive guidance of migrating neurons
D Del Toro, MA Carrasquero-Ordaz, A Chu, T Ruff, M Shahin, VA Jackson, ...
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Interactive molecular dynamics: Scaling up to large systems
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How nanoscale protein interactions determine the mesoscale dynamic organisation of bacterial outer membrane proteins
M Chavent, AL Duncan, P Rassam, O Birkholz, J Hélie, T Reddy, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 1-12, 2018
Dimerization of the EphA1 receptor tyrosine kinase transmembrane domain: insights into the mechanism of receptor activation
M Chavent, AP Chetwynd, PJ Stansfeld, MSP Sansom
Biochemistry 53 (42), 6641-6652, 2014
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