Sophie Crevecoeur
Sophie Crevecoeur
Environment and Climate Change Canada
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Bacterial community structure across environmental gradients in permafrost thaw ponds: methanotroph-rich ecosystems
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Bloom announcement: An early autumn cyanobacterial bloom co-dominated by Aphanizomenon flos-aquae and Planktothrix agardhii in an agriculturally-influenced Great Lakes …
RM McKay, T Frenken, N Diep, WR Cody, S Crevecoeur, A Dove, ...
Data in Brief 30, 2020
Microbial assemblies of Arctic freshwater systems
S Crevecoeur, C Lovejoy
Microbial Life in the Cryosphere and Its Feedback on Global Change, 197–212, 2021
Diversité microbienne associée au cycle du méthane dans les mares de fonte du pergélisol subarctique
S Crevecoeur
Co-occurrence patterns in aquatic bacterial communities across changing permafrost landscapes.
J Comte, C Lovejoy, S Crevecoeur, WF Vincent
Biogeosciences Discussions 12 (13), 2015
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