Kartic Subr
Kartic Subr
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Edge-preserving multiscale image decomposition based on local extrema
K Subr, C Soler, F Durand
ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) 28 (5), 1-9, 2009
Fourier depth of field
C Soler, K Subr, F Durand, N Holzschuch, F Sillion
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5D covariance tracing for efficient defocus and motion blur
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Towards moment imagery: Automatic cinemagraphs
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Fourier analysis of stochastic sampling strategies for assessing bias and variance in integration
K Subr, J Kautz
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Three‐dimensional reconstruction of underwater objects using wide‐aperture imaging SONAR
T Guerneve, K Subr, Y Petillot
Journal of Field Robotics 35 (6), 890-905, 2018
Real‐time rendering of heterogeneous translucent objects with arbitrary shapes
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Greedy algorithm for local contrast enhancement of images
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Accurate binary image selection from inaccurate user input
K Subr, S Paris, C Soler, J Kautz
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Real-time rendering of rough refraction
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Fully-connected CRFs with non-parametric pairwise potential
NDF Campbell, K Subr, J Kautz
Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern …, 2013
Color Me Noisy: Example‐based Rendering of Hand‐colored Animations with Temporal Noise Control
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Adaptable pouring: Teaching robots not to spill using fast but approximate fluid simulation
TL Guevara, NK Taylor, MU Gutmann, S Ramamoorthy, K Subr
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A versatile parameterization for measured material manifolds
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Automatic generation of constrained furniture layouts
P Henderson, K Subr, V Ferrari
arXiv preprint arXiv:1711.10939, 2017
Error analysis of estimators that use combinations of stochastic sampling strategies for direct illumination
K Subr, D Nowrouzezahrai, W Jarosz, J Kautz, K Mitchell
Computer Graphics Forum 33 (4), 93-102, 2014
Vid2param: Modeling of dynamics parameters from video
M Asenov, M Burke, D Angelov, T Davchev, K Subr, S Ramamoorthy
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Active localization of gas leaks using fluid simulation
M Asenov, M Rutkauskas, D Reid, K Subr, S Ramamoorthy
IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 4 (2), 1776-1783, 2019
Steerable importance sampling
K Subr, J Arvo
2007 IEEE Symposium on Interactive Ray Tracing, 133-140, 2007
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