Vittorio Rampa
Vittorio Rampa
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Hivatkozott rá
Federated learning with cooperating devices: A consensus approach for massive IoT networks
S Savazzi, M Nicoli, V Rampa
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Hidden Markov models for radio localization in mixed LOS/NLOS conditions
C Morelli, M Nicoli, V Rampa, U Spagnolini
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Multitarget detection/tracking for monostatic ground penetrating radar: Application to pavement profiling
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A jump Markov particle filter for localization of moving terminals in multipath indoor scenarios
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S Kianoush, S Savazzi, F Vicentini, V Rampa, M Giussani
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I/Q compensation of broadband direct-conversion transmitters
V Rampa
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Hidden Markov model for multidimensional wavefront tracking
M Nicoli, V Rampa, U Spagnolini
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Compression of downhole data
G Bernasconi, V Rampa, F Abramo, L Bertelli
SPE/IADC drilling conference, 1999
EM models for passive body occupancy inference
V Rampa, GG Gentili, S Savazzi, M D’Amico
IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters 16, 2517-2520, 2017
Computer-aided synthesis of a bi-dimensional discrete cosine transform chip
V Rampa, G De Micheli
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Distributed signal processing for dense 5G IoT platforms: Networking, synchronization, interference detection and radio sensing
G Soatti, S Savazzi, M Nicoli, MA Alvarez, S Kianoush, V Rampa, ...
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Cellular data analytics for detection and discrimination of body movements
S Savazzi, S Kianoush, V Rampa, U Spagnolini
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Bit bounce detection using neural networks
M Vassallo, G Bernasconi, V Rampa
2004 SEG Annual Meeting, 2004
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