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sPlot–A new tool for global vegetation analyses
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Analyses of dryland biological soil crusts highlight lichens as an important regulator of microbial communities
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GrassPlot–a database of multi-scale plant diversity in Palaearctic grasslands
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Herbicides Can Negatively Affect Seed Performance in Native Plants
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Eurosiberian meadows at their southern edge: patterns and phytogeography in the NW Tien Shan
V Wagner
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Restoration of lowland meadows in Austria: A comparison of five techniques
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Consequences of nuclear accidents for biodiversity and ecosystem services
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Sex ratio rather than population size affects genetic diversity in Antennaria dioica
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High genetic diversity declines towards the geographic range periphery of Adonis vernalis, a Eurasian dry grassland plant
H Hirsch, V Wagner, J Danihelka, E Ruprecht, P Sánchez‐Gómez, ...
Plant Biology 17 (6), 1233-1241, 2015
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