Jonghoon "Jay" Lee
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Thermal conductivity of wurtzite zinc-oxide from first-principles lattice dynamics–a comparative study with gallium nitride
X Wu, J Lee, V Varshney, JL Wohlwend, AK Roy, T Luo
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-10, 2016
Complex coacervation: A field theoretic simulation study of polyelectrolyte complexation
J Lee, YO Popov, GH Fredrickson
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Hydrogenation of penta-graphene leads to unexpected large improvement in thermal conductivity
X Wu, V Varshney, J Lee, T Zhang, JL Wohlwend, AK Roy, T Luo
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How to characterize thermal transport capability of 2D materials fairly?–Sheet thermal conductance and the choice of thickness
X Wu, V Varshney, J Lee, Y Pang, AK Roy, T Luo
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Field‐theoretic simulations of polyelectrolyte complexation
YO Popov, J Lee, GH Fredrickson
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Thermal rectification in three-dimensional asymmetric nanostructure.
J Lee, V Varshney, AK Roy, JB Ferguson, BL Farmer
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Importance of Interfaces in Governing Thermal Transport in Composite Materials: Modeling and Experimental Perspectives
AK Roy, BL Farmer, V Varshney, S Sihn, J Lee, S Ganguli
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Single mode phonon scattering at carbon nanotube-graphene junction in pillared graphene structure
J Lee, V Varshney, JS Brown, AK Roy, BL Farmer
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Observation of the intrinsic bandgap behaviour in as-grown epitaxial twisted graphene
J Park, WC Mitchel, S Elhamri, L Grazulis, J Hoelscher, K Mahalingam, ...
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Axial segregation of a settling suspension in a rotating cylinder
J Lee, AJC Ladd
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V Varshney, AK Roy, TJ Michalak, J Lee, BL Farmer
Jom 65, 140-146, 2013
Axial segregation in a cylindrical centrifuge
J Lee, AJC Ladd
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Modeling of interface thermal conductance in longitudinally connected carbon nanotube junctions
V Varshney, J Lee, AK Roy, BL Farmer
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2D Heterostructure coatings of hBN-MoS2 layers for corrosion resistance
S Vandana, V Kochat, J Lee, V Varshney, S Yazdi, J Shen, ...
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Density functional tight binding study of β-Ga2O3: Electronic structure, surface energy, and native point defects
J Lee, S Ganguli, AK Roy, SC Badescu
The Journal of Chemical Physics 150 (17), 2019
Scaling law for energy bandgap and effective electron mass in graphene nano mesh
J Lee, AK Roy, JL Wohlwend, V Varshney, JB Ferguson, WC Mitchel, ...
Applied Physics Letters 102 (20), 2013
A Novel Nano-Configuration for Thermoelectrics: Helicity Induced Thermal Conductivity Reduction in Nanowires
V Varshney, AK Roy, DS Dudis, J Lee, B Farmer
Nanoscale, 2012
Ultrasensitive molecular sensors based on real‐time impedance spectroscopy in solution‐processed 2D materials
DC Moore, A Jawaid, R Busch, M Brothers, P Miesle, A Miesle, R Rao, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 32 (12), 2106830, 2022
The effect of molecular mobility on electronic transport in carbon nanotube-polymer composites and networks
S Shenogin, J Lee, AA Voevodin, AK Roy
Journal of Applied Physics 116, 233704, 2014
Single mode phonon energy transmission in functionalized carbon nanotubes
J Lee, V Varshney, AK Roy, BL Farmer
The Journal of chemical physics 135 (10), 2011
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