Adam G.M. Lewis
Adam G.M. Lewis
E-mail megerősítve itt: perimeterinstitute.ca
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Hivatkozott rá
Dynamics of transmon ionization
R Shillito, A Petrescu, J Cohen, J Beall, M Hauru, M Ganahl, AGM Lewis, ...
Physical Review Applied 18 (3), 034031, 2022
Redshift factor and the first law of binary black hole mechanics in numerical simulations
A Zimmerman, AGM Lewis, HP Pfeiffer
Physical review letters 117 (19), 191101, 2016
Fundamental frequencies and resonances from eccentric and precessing binary black hole inspirals
AGM Lewis, A Zimmerman, HP Pfeiffer
Classical and Quantum Gravity 34 (12), 124001, 2017
Simulation of quantum many-body dynamics with Tensor Processing Units: Floquet prethermalization
A Morningstar, M Hauru, J Beall, M Ganahl, AGM Lewis, V Khemani, ...
PRX Quantum 3 (2), 020331, 2022
Density matrix renormalization group with tensor processing units
M Ganahl, J Beall, M Hauru, AGM Lewis, T Wojno, JH Yoo, Y Zou, G Vidal
PRX Quantum 4 (1), 010317, 2023
Large scale quantum chemistry with tensor processing units
R Pederson, J Kozlowski, R Song, J Beall, M Ganahl, M Hauru, ...
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 19 (1), 25-32, 2022
Large-scale distributed linear algebra with tensor processing units
AGM Lewis, J Beall, M Ganahl, M Hauru, SB Mallick, G Vidal
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 119 (33), e2122762119, 2022
Simulation of quantum physics with Tensor Processing Units: brute-force computation of ground states and time evolution
M Hauru, A Morningstar, J Beall, M Ganahl, A Lewis, G Vidal
arXiv preprint arXiv:2111.10466, 2021
Spectral einstein code
L Kidder, H Pfeiffer, M Scheel, M Duez, F Foucart, B Szilágyi, ...
URL https://www. black-holes. org/code/SpEC. html, 2000
Classical simulations of quantum field theory in curved spacetime I: Fermionic Hawking-Hartle vacua from a staggered lattice scheme
AGM Lewis, G Vidal
Quantum 4, 351, 2020
GPU-accelerated simulations of isolated black holes
AGM Lewis, HP Pfeiffer
Classical and Quantum Gravity 35 (9), 095017, 2018
Tensor processing units as quantum chemistry supercomputers
R Pederson, J Kozlowski, R Song, J Beall, M Ganahl, M Hauru, AG Lewis, ...
Preprint at https://arxiv. org/abs/2202.01255, 2022
Hadamard renormalization of a two-dimensional dirac field
AGM Lewis
Physical Review D 101 (12), 125019, 2020
Quantum computation with machine-learning-controlled quantum stuff
L Hardy, AGM Lewis
Machine Learning: Science and Technology 2 (1), 015008, 2020
Automatic generation of CUDA code performing tensor manipulations using C++ expression templates
AGM Lewis, HP Pfeiffer
arXiv preprint arXiv:1804.10120, 2018
Dynamics of Transmon Ionization
A Petrescu, R Shillito, J Cohen, J Beall, M Hauru, M Ganahl, AGM Lewis, ...
APS March Meeting Abstracts 2023, G75. 001, 2023
Orbital resonances and GPU acceleration of binary black hole inspiral simulations
AGM Lewis
University of Toronto (Canada), 2018
Comparing the numerical redshift factor to analytic theory
A Zimmerman, AGM Lewis, HP Pfeiffer
APS April Meeting Abstracts 2017, E6. 002, 2017
Measuring the redshift factor in binary black hole simulations
A Zimmerman, A Lewis, H Pfeiffer
APS April Meeting Abstracts 2016, K15. 003, 2016
Accelerating black hole simulations with GPUs
A Lewis, A Mroué, H Pfeiffer
APS April Meeting Abstracts 2015, K13. 004, 2015
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