Emilio Pecora
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
A multi-disciplinary study of the 2002–03 Etna eruption: insights into a complex plumbing system
D Andronico, S Branca, S Calvari, M Burton, T Caltabiano, RA Corsaro, ...
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M Neri, B Behncke, M Burton, G Galli, S Giammanco, E Pecora, E Privitera, ...
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Eruption column height estimation of the 2011-2013 Etna lava fountains
S Scollo, M Prestifilippo, E Pecora, S Corradini, L Merucci, G Spata, ...
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ROBOVOLC: A robot for volcano exploration result of first test campaign
G Muscato, D Caltabiano, S Guccione, D Longo, M Coltelli, A Cristaldi, ...
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An advanced video-based system for monitoring active volcanoes
B Andò, E Pecora
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B Behncke, S Falsaperla, E Pecora
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The VEI 2 Christmas 2018 Etna eruption: A small but intense eruptive event or the starting phase of a larger one?
S Calvari, G Bilotta, A Bonaccorso, T Caltabiano, A Cappello, C Corradino, ...
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V Zanon, M Neri, E Pecora
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R D'aleo, M Bitetto, D Delle Donne, M Coltelli, D Coppola, ...
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S Calvari, F Di Traglia, G Ganci, F Giudicepietro, G Macedonio, ...
Remote Sensing 12 (18), 3010, 2020
First ground-based observations of mesopause temperatures above the Eastern-Mediterranean Part I: Multi-day oscillations and tides
I Silber, C Price, C Schmidt, S Wüst, M Bittner, E Pecora
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Development in Web-based laboratory sessions
B Andò, P Giannone, E Pecora, N Pitrone
Proceedings of the 21st IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Technology …, 2004
The first period of the 2002 Etna eruption (27 October-5 November): preliminary results
S Calvari, P Del Carlo, S Branca, D Andronico, N Bruno, MR Burton, ...
Quad. Geofis 32, 1-10, 2004
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