Tremori, A.
Tremori, A.
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Logistics node simulator as an enabler for supply chain development: innovative portainer simulator as the assessment tool for human factors in port cranes
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HLA-based real time distributed simulation of a marine port for training purposes
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Adding Smart to the Mix
A Bruzzone, A Tremori, M Massei
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Intelligent agents driving computer generated forces for simulating human behaviour in urban riots
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MS2G: simulation as a service for data mining and crowd sourcing in vulnerability reduction
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Simulation as enabling technologies for agile thinking: Training and education aids for decision makers
AG Bruzzone, M Massei, A Tremori, S Poggi, L Nicoletti, C Baisini
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CGF for NATO NEC C2 maturity model (N2C2M2) evaluation
AG Bruzzone, G Cantice, G Morabito, A Mursia, M Sebastiani, A Tremori
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Simulation for education in resource management in homeland security
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Serious Games for Training and Education on Defense against Terrorism
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Simulation of an urban environment by using intelligent agents within asymmetric scenarios for assessing alternative command and control network-centric maturity models
M Massei, A Tremori
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Mobile training solutions based on st_vp: a HLA virtual simulation for training and virtual prototyping within ports
M Massei, A Tremori
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Metamodelling for analyzing scenarios of urban crisis and area stabilization by applying intelligent agents
AG Bruzzone, A Scavotti, M Massei, A Tremori
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Modeling cyber warfare in heterogeneous networks for protection of infrastructures and operations
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Asymmetric marine warfare: PANOPEA a piracy simulator for investigating new C2 solutions
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Modeling green logistics
AG Bruzzone, A Tremori, M Massei, F Tarone
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Interoperable simulation for asymmetric threats in maritime scenarios: a case based on virtual simulation and intelligent agents
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Maritime security: emerging technologies for asymmetric threats
AG Bruzzone, M Massei, A Tremori, F Longo, F Madeo, F Tarone
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Intelligent agents and serious games for the development of contextual sensitivity
A Tremori, C Baisini, T Enkvist, AG Bruzzone, JM Nyce
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MARIA: An agent driven simulation for a web based serious game devoted to renew education processes in health care
AG Bruzzone, M Frascio, F Longo, M Massei, A Siri, A Tremori
Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Innovative Simulation for …, 2012
HLA interoperability for ROS-based autonomous systems
A Carrera, A Tremori, P Caamaño, R Been, D Crespo Pereira, ...
Modelling and Simulation for Autonomous Systems: Third International …, 2016
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