Till Bockemühl
Till Bockemühl
University of Cologne, Institute of Zoology, Department of Animal Physiology
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Inter-leg coordination in the control of walking speed in Drosophila
A Wosnitza, T Bockemühl, M Dübbert, H Scholz, A Büschges
Journal of Experimental Biology 216 (3), 480-491, 2013
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SS Bidaye, T Bockemühl, A Büschges
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Inter-joint coupling and joint angle synergies of human catching movements
T Bockemühl, NF Troje, V Dürr
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Two brain pathways initiate distinct forward walking programs in Drosophila
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Intra-and intersegmental influences among central pattern generating networks in the walking system of the stick insect
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Static stability predicts the continuum of interleg coordination patterns in Drosophila
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Distributed control of motor circuits for backward walking in Drosophila
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Body side-specific control of motor activity during turning in a walking animal
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Motor synergies and object representations in virtual and real grasping
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Behavioral state-dependent modulation of insulin-producing cells in Drosophila
S Liessem, M Held, RS Bisen, H Haberkern, H Lacin, T Bockemühl, ...
Current Biology 33 (3), 449-463. e5, 2023
Ultra high-resolution biomechanics suggest that substructures within insect mechanosensors decisively affect their sensitivity
GF Dinges, T Bockemühl, F Iacoviello, PR Shearing, A Büschges, ...
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A laser-supported lowerable surface setup to study the role of ground contact during stepping
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Augmented Reality im Techniktraining–experimentelle Implementation einer neuen Technologie in den Leistungssport
T Schack, T Bockemühl, C Schütz, H Ritter
Technical report, BISp-Jahrbuch-Forschungsförderung, 2008
Subsets of leg proprioceptors influence leg kinematics but not interleg coordination in Drosophila melanogaster walking
AS Chockley, GF Dinges, G Di Cristina, S Ratican, T Bockemühl, ...
Journal of Experimental Biology 225 (20), jeb244245, 2022
Motor synergies and mental representations of grasping movements
B Bläsing, J Maycock, T Bockemühl, H Ritter, T Schack
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Analyzing 3D Limb Kinematics of Drosophila Melanogaster for Robotic Platform Development
CA Goldsmith, M Haustein, T Bockemühl, A Büschges, NS Szczecinski
Conference on Biomimetic and Biohybrid Systems, 111-122, 2022
Direction-Specific Footpaths Can Be Predicted by the Motion of a Single Point on the Body of the Fruit Fly Drosophila Melanogaster
NS Szczecinski, A Büschges, T Bockemühl
Biomimetic and Biohybrid Systems: 7th International Conference, Living …, 2018
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