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Advanced rechargeable zinc-based batteries: Recent progress and future perspectives
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Photoluminescent Ti3 C2 MXene quantum dots for multicolor cellular imaging
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Polyurethane/cotton/carbon nanotubes core-spun yarn as high reliability stretchable strain sensor for human motion detection
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Towards wearable electronic devices: A quasi-solid-state aqueous lithium-ion battery with outstanding stability, flexibility, safety and breathability
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A Highly Durable, Transferable, and Substrate-Versatile High-Performance All-Polymer Micro-Supercapacitor with Plug-and-Play Function.
M Zhu, Y Huang, H Li, Z Wang, Z Pei, Q Xue, H Geng, C Zhi
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A soft yet device-level dynamically super-tough supercapacitor enabled by an energy-dissipative dual-crosslinked hydrogel electrolyte
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Z Wang, Z Ruan, Z Liu, Y Wang, Z Tang, H Li, M Zhu, TF Hung, J Liu, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 6 (18), 8549-8557, 2018
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