Máté Kiss
Máté Kiss
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The tumour microenvironment harbours ontogenically distinct dendritic cell populations with opposing effects on tumour immunity
D Laoui, J Keirsse, Y Morias, E Van Overmeire, X Geeraerts, Y Elkrim, ...
Nature communications 7 (1), 13720, 2016
The transcription factor STAT6 mediates direct repression of inflammatory enhancers and limits activation of alternatively polarized macrophages
Z Czimmerer, B Daniel, A Horvath, D Rückerl, G Nagy, M Kiss, M Peloquin, ...
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The role of lipid-activated nuclear receptors in shaping macrophage and dendritic cell function: From physiology to pathology
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Myeloid cell heterogeneity in cancer: not a single cell alike
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Systemic reprogramming of monocytes in cancer
M Kiss, AA Caro, G Raes, D Laoui
Frontiers in Oncology 10, 1399, 2020
Therapeutic depletion of CCR8+ tumor-infiltrating regulatory T cells elicits antitumor immunity and synergizes with anti-PD-1 therapy
H Van Damme, B Dombrecht, M Kiss, H Roose, E Allen, E Van Overmeire, ...
Journal for immunotherapy of cancer 9 (2), 2021
Lithocholic acid, a metabolite of the microbiome, increases oxidative stress in breast cancer
P Kovács, T Csonka, T Kovács, Z Sári, G Ujlaki, A Sipos, Z Karányi, ...
Cancers 11 (9), 1255, 2019
A neutrophil response linked to tumor control in immunotherapy
J Gungabeesoon*, NA Gort-Freitas*, M Kiss*, E Bolli, M Messemaker, ...
Cell 186 (7), 1448-1464. e20, 2023
IL1β Promotes Immune Suppression in the Tumor Microenvironment Independent of the Inflammasome and Gasdermin D
M Kiss, L Vande Walle, PHV Saavedra, E Lebegge, H Van Damme, ...
Cancer Immunology Research 9 (3), 309-323, 2021
The IL-4/STAT6 signaling axis establishes a conserved microRNA signature in human and mouse macrophages regulating cell survival via miR-342-3p
Z Czimmerer*, T Varga*, M Kiss*, CO Vázquez, QM Doan-Xuan, ...
Genome medicine 8, 1-22, 2016
Diamonds in the rough: harnessing tumor-associated myeloid cells for cancer therapy
EJ Clappaert, A Murgaski, H Van Damme, M Kiss, D Laoui
Frontiers in immunology 9, 2250, 2018
CXCL9:SPP1 macrophage polarity identifies a network of cellular programs that control human cancers
R Bill, P Wirapati, M Messemaker, W Roh, B Zitti, F Duval, M Kiss, JC Park, ...
Science 381 (6657), 515-524, 2023
High salt inhibits tumor growth by enhancing anti-tumor immunity
R Willebrand, I Hamad, L Van Zeebroeck, M Kiss, K Bruderek, A Geuzens, ...
Frontiers in Immunology, 1141, 2019
Beyond the M‐CSF receptor–novel therapeutic targets in tumor‐associated macrophages
S Bonelli, X Geeraerts, E Bolli, J Keirsse, M Kiss, AR Pombo Antunes, ...
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A growth factor–expressing macrophage subpopulation orchestrates regenerative inflammation via GDF-15
A Patsalos, L Halasz, MA Medina-Serpas, WK Berger, B Daniel, ...
Journal of Experimental Medicine 219 (1), e20210420, 2021
Retinoid X receptor suppresses a metastasis-promoting transcriptional program in myeloid cells via a ligand-insensitive mechanism
M Kiss, Z Czimmerer, G Nagy, P Bieniasz-Krzywiec, M Ehling, A Pap, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (40), 10725-10730, 2017
Innate immune defense mechanisms by myeloid cells that hamper cancer immunotherapy
E Lebegge, SM Arnouk, PMR Bardet, M Kiss, G Raes, ...
Frontiers in Immunology 11, 1395, 2020
Genomewide effects of peroxisome proliferator‐activated receptor gamma in macrophages and dendritic cells–revealing complexity through systems biology
I Cuaranta‐Monroy, M Kiss, Z Simandi, L Nagy
European journal of clinical investigation 45 (9), 964-975, 2015
Efficacy of CD40 agonists is mediated by distinct cDC subsets and subverted by suppressive macrophages
A Murgaski, M Kiss, H Van Damme, D Kancheva, I Vanmeerbeek, ...
Cancer Research 82 (20), 3785-3801, 2022
Dynamic transcriptional control of macrophage miRNA signature via inflammation responsive enhancers revealed using a combination of next generation sequencing-based approaches
Z Czimmerer, A Horvath, B Daniel, G Nagy, I Cuaranta-Monroy, M Kiss, ...
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Gene Regulatory Mechanisms 1861 (1), 14-28, 2018
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