Michael A. Antonelli
Michael A. Antonelli
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Hivatkozott rá
Anomalous sulphur isotopes in plume lavas reveal deep mantle storage of Archaean crust
RA Cabral, MG Jackson, EF Rose-Koga, KT Koga, MJ Whitehouse, ...
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Kinetic and equilibrium Ca isotope effects in high-T rocks and minerals
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Effect of paleoseawater composition on hydrothermal exchange in midocean ridges
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Calcium isotopes in high-temperature terrestrial processes
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Ca isotopes record rapid crystal growth in volcanic and subvolcanic systems
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Early inner solar system origin for anomalous sulfur isotopes in differentiated protoplanets
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Calcium isotope evidence for early Archaean carbonates and subduction of oceanic crust
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Radiogenic Ca isotopes confirm post-formation K depletion of lower crust
MA Antonelli, DJ DePaolo, T Chacko, ES Grew, D Rubatto
Geochemical Perspectives Letters 9, 43-48, 2019
Reworking subducted sediments in arc magmas and the isotopic diversity of the continental crust: the case of the Ordovician Famatinian crustal section, Argentina
J Cornet, O Laurent, JF Wotzlaw, MA Antonelli, J Otamendi, GW Bergantz, ...
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Radiogenic 40Ca in Seawater: Implications for Modern and Ancient Ca Cycles
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Granite petrogenesis and the δ44Ca of continental crust
MA Antonelli, C Yakymchuk, EA Schauble, J Foden, V Janoušek, ...
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Beyond equilibrium: kinetic isotope fractionation in high-temperature environments
JM Watkins, MA Antonelli
Elements: An International Magazine of Mineralogy, Geochemistry, and …, 2021
Subducted carbonates not required: Deep mantle melting explains stable Ca isotopes in kimberlite magmas
MA Antonelli, A Giuliani, Z Wang, M Wang, L Zhou, L Feng, M Li, Z Zhang, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 348, 410-427, 2023
Longitudinal biometal accumulation and Ca isotope composition of the Göttingen minipig brain
B Mahan, MA Antonelli, P Burckel, S Turner, R Chung, M Habekost, ...
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Calcium isotope fractionation during melt immiscibility and carbonatite petrogenesis
MA Antonelli, G Sartori, A Giuliani, EA Schauble, J Hoffmann, ...
Geochemical Perspectives Letters 28, 13-19, 2023
The Ca Isotope Composition of Altered MORB.
ST Brown, MA Antonelli, H Staudigel, TL Owens, DJ DePaolo
Goldschmidt 2014, 2014
Isotopic Constraints on the Formation of Carbonates During Low-Temperature Hydrothermal Oceanic Crust Alteration
DA Stolper, MA Antonelli, DS Ramos, ML Bender, DP Schrag, ...
AGU 2016, 2016
Ca Isotope Fractionation during Carbonatite Petrogenesis and Carbonate-Silicate Melt Immiscibility
MA Antonelli, G Sartori, A Giuliani, EA Schauble, J Hoffmann, ...
AGU23, 2023
Disequilibrium 44Ca in Calc-silicate Minerals and Kinetic Isotope Effects During Skarn Formation
M Antonelli, A Hantsche, E Schauble, J Hoffmann, K Kouzmanov, A Dini, ...
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2021, V13A-07, 2021
Ca isotopes as tracers of geothermal gradients in TTG magmas: evidence for hot subduction throughout the Archean
MA Antonelli, J Kendrick, C Yakymchuk, M Guitreau, T Mittal, F Moynier
Goldschmidt2021• Virtual• 4-9 July, 2021
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