Ioanna Danai Styliari
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Hivatkozott rá
New N-acyl amino acid-functionalized biodegradable polyesters for pharmaceutical and biomedical applications
V Taresco, J Suksiriworapong, ID Styliari, RH Argent, SME Swainson, ...
RSC advances 6 (111), 109401-109405, 2016
CoCo-MD: a simple and effective method for the enhanced sampling of conformational space
A Shkurti, ID Styliari, V Balasubramanian, I Bethune, C Pedebos, S Jha, ...
Journal of chemical theory and computation 15 (4), 2587-2596, 2019
Poly (glycerol adipate)(PGA), an enzymatically synthesized functionalizable polyester and versatile drug delivery carrier: A literature update
SME Swainson, ID Styliari, V Taresco, MC Garnett
Polymers 11 (10), 1561, 2019
3D characterisation of dry powder inhaler formulations: Developing X-ray micro computed tomography approaches
P Gajjar, ID Styliari, TTH Nguyen, J Carr, X Chen, JA Elliott, RB Hammond, ...
European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics 151, 32-44, 2020
Optimising poly (lactic-co-glycolic acid) microparticle fabrication using a Taguchi orthogonal array design-of-experiment approach
RA Mensah, SB Kirton, MT Cook, ID Styliari, V Hutter, DYS Chau
Plos one 14 (9), e0222858, 2019
Poly (triazolyl methacrylate) glycopolymers as potential targeted unimolecular nanocarriers
R Foralosso, G Yilmaz, F Mastrotto, PJS King, RM Xerri, Y He, ...
Nanoscale 11 (44), 21155-21166, 2019
High‐Throughput Miniaturized Screening of Nanoparticle Formation via Inkjet Printing
ID Styliari, C Conte, AK Pearce, A Hüsler, RJ Cavanagh, MJ Limo, ...
Macromolecular Materials and Engineering 303 (8), 1800146, 2018
Poly (glycerol adipate): From a functionalized nanocarrier to a polymeric-prodrug matrix to create amorphous solid dispersions
D Gordhan, SME Swainson, AK Pearce, ID Styliari, T Lovato, JC Burley, ...
Journal of pharmaceutical sciences 109 (3), 1347-1355, 2020
Nanoformulation-by-design: an experimental and molecular dynamics study for polymer coated drug nanoparticles
ID Styliari, V Taresco, A Theophilus, C Alexander, M Garnett, C Laughton
RSC Advances 10 (33), 19521-19533, 2020
Assessment of the effect of Cellets’ particle size on the flow in a Wurster fluid-bed coater via powder rheology
V Mohylyuk, ID Styliari, D Novykov, R Pikett, R Dattani
Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology 54, 101320, 2019
Multiscale tomography: Probing the nano-, micro-, and meso-scale resolution of inhalation powder structure
P Gajjar, ID Styliari, T Burnett, X Chen, JA Elliot, WJ Ganley, R Hammond, ...
Respiratory Drug Delivery Europe 2019, 155-168, 2019
A digital workflow from crystallographic structure to single crystal particle attributes for predicting the formulation properties of terbutaline sulfate
TTH Nguyen, RB Hammond, ID Styliari, D Murnane, KJ Roberts
CrystEngComm 22 (19), 3347-3360, 2020
Molecular Synthon Modelling of Inhalation Pharmaceuticals: A Digital Approach to Understanding and Engineering Particle Surface Interactions
TTH Nguyen, R Hammond, ID Styliari, D Murnane, KJ Roberts
Starch/poly (glycerol-adipate) nanocomposites: A novel oral drug delivery device
A Vestri, AK Pearce, R Cavanagh, ID Styliari, C Sanders, B Couturaud, ...
Coatings 10 (2), 125, 2020
Abstracts from The Aerosol Society Drug Delivery to the Lungs 29 Edinburgh International Conference Centre Edinburgh, Scotland, UK December 10–12, 2018
JT Pinto, S Radivojev, E Fröhlich, A Paudel, B Lipworth, R Vehring, ...
Journal of Aerosol Medicine and Pulmonary Drug Delivery 32 (2), A-1-A-27, 2019
Physicochemical characterisation of inhalation grade lactose after the removal of intrinsic fines
ID Styliari, A Mobli, D Murnane
Unlocking secrets of inhalation blends through X-ray Computed Tomography and Microscopy
H Bale, R Hammond, P Gajjar, ID Styliari, P Withers, D Murnane
Microscopy and Microanalysis 27 (S1), 292-295, 2021
From Particles to Powders: Digital Approaches to Understand Structure and Powder Flow of Inhaled Formulations
P Gajjar, TTH Nguyen, ID Styliari, VW Barron, T Burnett, X Chen, ...
Respiratory Drug Delivery Europe 2021, 2021
Crystallographic tomography and molecular modelling of structured organic polycrystalline powders
P Gajjar, TTH Nguyen, J Sun, ID Styliari, H Bale, SA McDonald, TL Burnett, ...
CrystEngComm 23 (13), 2520-2531, 2021
Using Powder Rheology to Assess the Effect of Microcrystalline Cellulose Sphere Size on Performance in a Wurster Fluid-Bed Coater
T Freeman, V Mohylyuk, R Dattani, ID Styliari, GP Andrews
2020 Virtual AIChE Annual Meeting, 2020
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