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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
High temperature corrosion properties of ionic liquids
I Perissi, U Bardi, S Caporali, A Lavacchi
Corrosion science 48 (9), 2349-2362, 2006
Aluminium electroplated from ionic liquids as protective coating against steel corrosion
S Caporali, A Fossati, A Lavacchi, I Perissi, A Tolstogouzov, U Bardi
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Cyclic voltammetry simulation at microelectrode arrays with COMSOL Multiphysics®
A Lavacchi, U Bardi, C Borri, S Caporali, A Fossati, I Perissi
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Electrodeposition of aluminium film on P90 Li–Al alloy as protective coating against corrosion
U Bardi, S Caporali, M Craig, A Giorgetti, I Perissi, JR Nicholls
Surface and Coatings Technology 203 (10-11), 1373-1378, 2009
Dynamic patterns of overexploitation in fisheries
I Perissi, U Bardi, T El Asmar, A Lavacchi
Ecological modelling 359, 285-292, 2017
Modelling the renewable transition: Scenarios and pathways for a decarbonized future using pymedeas, a new open-source energy systems model
J Solé, R Samsó, E García-Ladona, A Garcia-Olivares, J Ballabrera-Poy, ...
Renewable and sustainable energy reviews 132, 110105, 2020
Investigating European Union decarbonization strategies: Evaluating the pathway to carbon neutrality by 2050
I Perissi, A Jones
Sustainability 14 (8), 4728, 2022
Ionic liquids as diathermic fluids for solar trough collectors’ technology: A corrosion study
I Perissi, U Bardi, S Caporali, A Fossati, A Lavacchi
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Toward a general theory of societal collapse: a biophysical examination of Tainter’s model of the diminishing returns of complexity
U Bardi, S Falsini, I Perissi
BioPhysical Economics and Resource Quality 4, 1-9, 2019
Surface modification of industrial alloys induced by long‐term interaction with an ionic liquid
U Bardi, SP Chenakin, S Caporali, A Lavacchi, I Perissi, A Tolstogouzov
Surface and Interface Analysis: An International Journal devoted to the …, 2006
Scenario analysis and sensitivity exploration of the MEDEAS Europe energy-economy-environment model
R Samsó, I de Blas, I Perissi, G Martelloni, J Solé
Energy Strategy Reviews 32, 100582, 2020
Cross-validation of the MEDEAS energy-economy-environment model with the integrated MARKAL-EFOM system (TIMES) and the long-range energy alternatives planning system (LEAP)
I Perissi, G Martelloni, U Bardi, D Natalini, A Jones, A Nikolaev, L Eggler, ...
Sustainability 13 (4), 1967, 2021
Electron spin resonance and differential scanning calorimetry as combined tools for the study of liposomes in the presence of long chain nitroxides
I Perissi, S Ristori, S Rossi, L Dei, G Martini
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Potential European emissions trajectories within the global carbon budget
I Perissi, S Falsini, U Bardi, D Natalini, M Green, A Jones, J Solé
Sustainability 10 (11), 4225, 2018
The empty sea: The future of the blue economy
I Perissi, U Bardi
Springer Nature, 2021
Mechanisms of meme propagation in the mediasphere: a system dynamics model
I Perissi, S Falsini, U Bardi
Kybernetes 48 (1), 79-90, 2019
The Sower’s way: a strategy to attain the energy transition
U Bardi, I Perissi, D Csala, S Sgouridis, I dei Materiali
International Journal of Heat and Technology 34 (2), 263-265, 2016
Corrosion resistance of metallic materials in ionic liquids
I Perissi, S Caporali, A Fossati, A Lavacchi
Adv. Chem. Res 6, 315-322, 2011
Finite elements analysis of an electrochemical coating process of an irregularly shaped cathode with COMSOL Multiphysics®
A Giaccherini, S Caporali, E Berretti, P Marcantelli, I Sanzari, I Perissi, ...
ECS Transactions 64 (35), 1, 2015
Highlighting the archetypes of sustainability management by means of simple dynamics models
I Perissi
Journal of Simulation 15 (1-2), 51-64, 2021
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