Marco Guzman-Speziale
Marco Guzman-Speziale
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Hivatkozott rá
Accretionary tectonics of Burma and the three-dimensional geometry of the Burma subduction zone
JF Ni, M Guzman-Speziale, M Bevis, WE Holt, TC Wallace, WR Seager
Geology 17 (1), 68-71, 1989
The North America–Caribbean plate boundary west of the Motagua–Polochic fault system: a fault jog in southeastern Mexico
M Guzmán-Speziale, JJ Meneses-Rocha
Journal of South American Earth Sciences 13 (4-5), 459-468, 2000
Seismic structure beneath the Rivera subduction zone from finite‐frequency seismic tomography
T Yang, SP Grand, D Wilson, M Guzman‐Speziale, JM Gomez‐Gonzalez, ...
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M Guzmán‐Speziale, WD Pennington, T Matumoto
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Seismicity and active tectonics of the western Sunda Arc
M Guzman-Speziale
The tectonic evolution of Asia, 63-84, 1996
Active seismic deformation in the grabens of northern Central America and its relationship to the relative motion of the North America–Caribbean plate boundary
M Guzmán-Speziale
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Mantle flow in the Rivera—Cocos subduction zone
GL Soto, JF Ni, SP Grand, E Sandvol, RW Valenzuela, MG Speziale, ...
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Fault kinematics in northern Central America and coupling along the subduction interface of the Cocos Plate, from GPS data in Chiapas (Mexico), Guatemala and El Salvador
A Franco, C Lasserre, H Lyon-Caen, V Kostoglodov, E Molina, ...
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Fractal radar scattering from soil
K Oleschko, G Korvin, B Figueroa, MA Vuelvas, AS Balankin, L Flores, ...
Physical Review E 67 (4), 041403, 2003
Beyond the Motagua and Polochic faults: Active strike-slip faulting along the western North America–Caribbean plate boundary zone
M Guzmán-Speziale
Tectonophysics 496 (1-4), 17-27, 2010
Seismic activity along the Central America volcanic arc: Is it related to subduction of the Cocos plate?
M Guzmán-Speziale, C Valdés-González, E Molina, JM Gómez
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The Sanfandila earthquake sequence of 1998, Queretaro, Mexico: activation of an undocumented fault in the northern edge of central Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt
FR Zúñiga, JF Pacheco, M Guzmán-Speziale, GJ Aguirre-Dıaz, ...
Tectonophysics 361 (3-4), 229-238, 2003
El graben de Querétaro, Querétaro, México. Observaciones de fallamiento activo
GJ Aguirre-Diaz, FR Zúniga-Davila Madrid, FJ Pacheco-Alvarado, ...
The opening of the Andaman Sea: Where is the short‐term displacement being taken up?
M Guzmán‐Speziale, JF Ni
Geophysical Research Letters 20 (24), 2949-2952, 1993
Seismic Strain rate along the Middle America Trench reveals significant differences between Cocos—North America and Cocos—Caribbean convergence
M Guzmán-Speziale, J Martín Gómez-González
Geophysical Journal International 166 (1), 179-185, 2006
Cranium of Dinohippus mexicanus (Mammalia: Equidae): from the early Pliocene (latest Hemphillian) of central Mexico, and the origin of Equus
BJ MacFadden, O Carranza-Castañeda
University of Florida, 2002
Variation of b and p values from aftershocks sequences along the Mexican subduction zone and their relation to plate characteristics
L Ávila-Barrientos, FR Zúñiga, Q Rodríguez-Pérez, M Guzmán-Speziale
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Deep structural setting of the North American-Caribbean plate boundary in eastern Guatemala
E Lodolo, M Menichetti, M Guzmán-Speziale, G Giunta, C Zanolla
Geofísica internacional 48 (3), 263-277, 2009
Crust and subduction zone structure of southwestern Mexico
SK Suhardja, SP Grand, D Wilson, M Guzman‐Speziale, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 120 (2), 1020-1035, 2015
Elastic thickness of the oceanic lithosphere beneath Tehuantepec ridge
M Manea, VC Manea, V Kostoglodov, M Guzmán-Speziale
Geofísica internacional 44 (2), 157-168, 2005
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