Emily Collier
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Hivatkozott rá
Precipitation seasonality and variability over the Tibetan Plateau as resolved by the High Asia Reanalysis
F Maussion, D Scherer, T Mölg, E Collier, J Curio, R Finkelnburg
Journal of Climate 27 (5), 1910-1927, 2014
High‐resolution modeling of atmospheric dynamics in the Nepalese Himalaya
E Collier, WW Immerzeel
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 120 (19), 9882-9896, 2015
High-resolution interactive modelling of the mountain glacier–atmosphere interface: an application over the Karakoram
E Collier, T Mölg, F Maussion, D Scherer, C Mayer, ABG Bush
The Cryosphere 7 (3), 779-795, 2013
Impact of debris cover on glacier ablation and atmosphere–glacier feedbacks in the Karakoram
E Collier, F Maussion, LI Nicholson, T Mölg, WW Immerzeel, ABG Bush
The Cryosphere 9 (4), 1617-1632, 2015
The climatic mass balance of Svalbard glaciers: a 10-year simulation with a coupled atmosphere–glacier mass balance model
KS Aas, T Dunse, E Collier, TV Schuler, TK Berntsen, J Kohler, B Luks
The Cryosphere 10 (3), 1089-1104, 2016
The impact of spatial resolution, land use, and spinup time on resolving spatial precipitation patterns in the Himalayas
PNJ Bonekamp, E Collier, WW Immerzeel
Journal of Hydrometeorology 19 (10), 1565-1581, 2018
Representing moisture fluxes and phase changes in glacier debris cover using a reservoir approach
E Collier, LI Nicholson, BW Brock, F Maussion, R Essery, ABG Bush
The Cryosphere 8 (4), 1429-1444, 2014
Sensitivity of simulated summer monsoonal precipitation in Langtang Valley, Himalaya, to cloud microphysics schemes in WRF
A Orr, C Listowski, M Couttet, E Collier, W Immerzeel, P Deb, D Bannister
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 122 (12), 6298-6318, 2017
Contrasting meteorological drivers of the glacier mass balance between the Karakoram and central Himalaya
PNJ Bonekamp, RJ de Kok, E Collier, WW Immerzeel
Frontiers in Earth Science 7, 107, 2019
Prominent midlatitude circulation signature in high Asia's surface climate during monsoon
T Mölg, F Maussion, E Collier, JCH Chiang, D Scherer
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 122 (23), 12,702-12,712, 2017
Recent atmospheric variability at Kibo Summit, Kilimanjaro, and its relation to climate mode activity
E Collier, T Mölg, T Sauter
Journal of Climate 31 (10), 3875-3891, 2018
Mesoscale atmospheric circulation controls of local meteorological elevation gradients on Kersten Glacier near Kilimanjaro summit
T Mölg, DR Hardy, E Collier, E Kropač, C Schmid, NJ Cullen, G Kaser, ...
Earth System Dynamics 11 (3), 653-672, 2020
High-resolution (1 km) Polar WRF output for 79 N Glacier and the northeast of Greenland from 2014 to 2018
JV Turton, T Mölg, E Collier
Earth System Science Data 12 (2), 1191-1202, 2020
The influence of tropical cyclones on circulation, moisture transport, and snow accumulation at Kilimanjaro during the 2006–2007 season
E Collier, T Sauter, T Mölg, D Hardy
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 124 (13), 6919-6928, 2019
BAYWRF: a high-resolution present-day climatological atmospheric dataset for Bavaria
E Collier, T Mölg
Earth System Science Data 12 (4), 3097-3112, 2020
A Detailed, Multi‐Scale Assessment of an Atmospheric River Event and Its Impact on Extreme Glacier Melt in the Southern Alps of New Zealand
E Kropač, T Mölg, NJ Cullen, E Collier, C Pickler, JV Turton
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 126 (9), e2020JD034217, 2021
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