Megan Risdal
Megan Risdal
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Product Manager, Google
E-mail megerősítve itt: google.com - Kezdőlap
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Hivatkozott rá
Getting real about fake news
M Risdal
Kaggle. https://www. kaggle. com/datasets/mrisdal/fake-news. https://doi …, 2016
Ethnolectal and generational differences in vowel trajectories: Evidence from African American English and the Southern Vowel System
ML Risdal, ME Kohn
Univ. Pa. Work. Pap. Linguist 20, 139-148, 2014
StarCoder 2 and The Stack v2: The Next Generation
A Lozhkov, R Li, LB Allal, F Cassano, J Lamy-Poirier, N Tazi, A Tang, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2402.19173, 2024
Effects of consonantal constrictions on voice quality
AJ Chong, M Risdal, A Aly, J Zymet, P Keating
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 148 (1), EL65-EL71, 2020
DMLR: Data-centric Machine Learning Research--Past, Present and Future
L Oala, M Maskey, L Bat-Leah, A Parrish, NM Gürel, TS Kuo, Y Liu, R Dror, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2311.13028, 2023
Ethnolectal and Generational Differences in Vowel Trajectories: Evidence from African American English and the Recession of the Southern Vowel System
M Risdal, M Kohn
NWAV, 2013
On the link between glottal vibration and sonority
M Risdal, A Aly, AJ Chong, P Keating, J Zymet
Poster presented at LabPhon 15, 2016
RecurrentGemma: Moving Past Transformers for Efficient Open Language Models
A Botev, S De, SL Smith, A Fernando, GC Muraru, R Haroun, L Berrada, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2404.07839, 2024
Adversarial Nibbler: A DataPerf Challenge for Text-to-Image Models
A Parrish, H Kirk, J Quaye, C Rastogi, M Bartolo, O Inel, D Sculley, ...
Evaluating Attractive Alternatives: The Moderating Influence of Mating Orientation on Susceptibility to the Blinders Effect
M Risdal, KM Weber
College Students' Religious Beliefs, Knowledge of Evolution, and Science Literacy: Comparisons by Sex, Discipline, and Point of College Career
E Fuerstenberg, D Ryan, S Miller, HD Harris, M Risdal, BL Byrne, ...
Emerging Adults' Plans for Work and Family: a Freshman-Senior Comparison
BL Byrne, E Fuerstenberg, SE Camp, HD Harris, M Risdal, D Ryan, ...
I'ma Tell You'bout I'ma: a Syntactic and Sociolinguistic Analysis of the Reduced Form of I'm Gonna
M Risdal
University of Pennsylvania Working Paper s in Linguistic s
ML Risdal, ME Kohn
Working Papers in Linguistics 20 (2), 16, 0
On the link between glottal vibration and sonority Megan L. Risdal, Ann Aly, Adam Chong, Patricia Keating (keating@ humnet. ucla. edu), Jesse Zymet University of California …
ML Risdal, A Aly
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