Norbert Miskolczi
Norbert Miskolczi
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Hivatkozott rá
Fuels by pyrolysis of waste plastics from agricultural and packaging sectors in a pilot scale reactor
N Miskolczi, A Angyal, L Bartha, I Valkai
Fuel Processing Technology 90 (7-8), 1032-1040, 2009
Thermal degradation of municipal plastic waste for production of fuel-like hydrocarbons
N Miskolczi, L Bartha, G Deak, B Jover
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Thermal degradation of polyethylene and polystyrene from the packaging industry over different catalysts into fuel-like feed stocks
N Miskolczi, L Bartha, G Deák
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Processing real-world waste plastics by pyrolysis-reforming for hydrogen and high-value carbon nanotubes
C Wu, MA Nahil, N Miskolczi, J Huang, PT Williams
Environmental science & technology 48 (1), 819-826, 2014
Comparision of real waste (MSW and MPW) pyrolysis in batch reactor over different catalysts. Part I: Product yields, gas and pyrolysis oil properties
F Ateş, N Miskolczi, N Borsodi
Bioresource technology 133, 443-454, 2013
Improving the mechanical properties of glass-fibre-reinforced polyester composites by modification of fibre surface
C Varga, N Miskolczi, L Bartha, G Lipóczi
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N Miskolczi, L Bartha, G Deák, B Jóver, D Kallo
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Petrochemical feedstock by thermal cracking of plastic waste
A Angyal, N Miskolczi, L Bartha
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Comparison of real waste (MSW and MPW) pyrolysis in batch reactor over different catalysts. Part II: contaminants, char and pyrolysis oil properties
N Miskolczi, F Ateş, N Borsodi
Bioresource technology 144, 370-379, 2013
Production of pyrolytic oils by catalytic pyrolysis of Malaysian refuse-derived fuels in continuously stirred batch reactor
N Miskolczi, N Borsodi, F Buyong, A Angyal, PT Williams
Fuel Processing Technology 92 (5), 925-932, 2011
Thermo-catalytic pyrolysis of biomass and plastic mixtures using HZSM-5
Z Sebestyén, E Barta-Rajnai, J Bozi, M Blazsó, E Jakab, N Miskolczi, ...
Applied Energy 207, 114-122, 2017
Pyrolysis of polyvinyl chloride (PVC)-containing mixed plastic wastes for recovery of hydrocarbons
N Miskolczi, L Bartha, A Angyal
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Preparation and application of metal loaded ZSM-5 and y-zeolite catalysts for thermo-catalytic pyrolysis of real end of life vehicle plastics waste
N Miskolczi, T Juzsakova, J Sója
Journal of the Energy Institute 92 (1), 118-127, 2019
Hydrocarbons obtained by waste plastic pyrolysis: comparative analysis of decomposition described by different kinetic models
N Miskolczi, R Nagy
Fuel processing technology 104, 96-104, 2012
Production of oil with low organobromine content from the pyrolysis of flame retarded HIPS and ABS plastics
N Miskolczi, WJ Hall, A Angyal, L Bartha, PT Williams
Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis 83 (1), 115-123, 2008
A new method combining hydrothermal carbonization and mechanical compression in-situ for sewage sludge dewatering: Bench-scale verification
N Gao, Z Li, C Quan, N Miskolczi, A Egedy
Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis 139, 187-195, 2019
Carbon nanotubes synthetized from gaseous products of waste polymer pyrolysis and their application
N Borsodi, A Szentes, N Miskolczi, C Wu, X Liu
Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis 120, 304-313, 2016
Recovery of glass fibre and carbon fibres from reinforced thermosets by batch pyrolysis and investigation of fibre re-using as reinforcement in LDPE matrix
JA Onwudili, N Miskolczi, T Nagy, G Lipóczi
Composites Part B: Engineering 91, 154-161, 2016
Thermal processing of toxic flame-retarded polymers using a waste fluidized catalytic cracker (FCC) catalyst
WJ Hall, N Miskolczi, J Onwudili, PT Williams
Energy & Fuels 22 (3), 1691-1697, 2008
Two stages catalytic pyrolysis of refuse derived fuel: Production of biofuel via syncrude
N Miskolczi, F Buyong, A Angyal, PT Williams, L Bartha
Bioresource technology 101 (22), 8881-8890, 2010
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