Seyed Masoud Parsa (World's Top 2% Scientists-2022،2023)
Seyed Masoud Parsa (World's Top 2% Scientists-2022،2023)
PhD Candidate, Centre for Technology in Water and Wastewater, University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
E-mail megerősítve itt: student.uts.edu.au
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
A renewable energy-driven thermoelectric-utilized solar still with external condenser loaded by silver/nanofluid for simultaneously water disinfection and desalination
SM Parsa, A Rahbar, MH Koleini, S Aberoumand, M Afrand, M Amidpour
Desalination 480, 114354, 2020
Energy-matrices, exergy, economic, environmental, exergoeconomic, enviroeconomic, and heat transfer (6E/HT) analysis of two passive/active solar still water desalination nearly …
SM Parsa, A Rahbar, D Javadi, MH Koleini, M Afrand, M Amidpour
Journal of Cleaner Production 261, 121243, 2020
First approach on nanofluid-based solar still in high altitude for water desalination and solar water disinfection (SODIS)
SM Parsa, A Rahbar, MH Koleini, YD Javadi, M Afrand, S Rostami, ...
Desalination 491, 114592, 2020
A critical analysis on the energy and exergy performance of photovoltaic/thermal (PV/T) system: The role of nanofluids stability and synthesizing method
SM Parsa, A Yazdani, H Aberoumand, Y Farhadi, A Ansari, ...
Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments 51, 101887, 2022
Effect of Ag, Au, TiO2 metallic/metal oxide nanoparticles in double-slope solar stills via thermodynamic and environmental analysis
SM Parsa, A Yazdani, H Dhahad, WH Alawee, S Hesabi, F Norozpour, ...
Journal of Cleaner Production 311, 127689, 2021
Experimental investigation at a summit above 13,000 ft on active solar still water purification powered by photovoltaic: a comparative study
SM Parsa, D Javadi, A Rahbar, M Majidniya, M Salimi, Y Amidpour, ...
Desalination 476, 114146, 2020
Experimental assessment on passive solar distillation system on Mount Tochal at the height of 3964 m: Study at high altitude
SM Parsa, D Javadi, A Rahbar, M Majidniya, S Aberoumand, Y Amidpour, ...
Desalination 466, 77-88, 2019
Reliability of thermal desalination (solar stills) for water/wastewater treatment in light of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus “SARS-CoV-2”) pandemic: What should consider?
SM Parsa
Desalination, 115106, 2021
Thermodynamic, economic, and sensitivity analysis of salt gradient solar pond (SGSP) integrated with a low-temperature multi effect desalination (MED): Case study, Iran
SM Parsa, M Majidniya, WH Alawee, HA Dhahad, HM Ali, M Afrand, ...
Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments 47, 101478, 2021
Performance evaluation of solar still using energy storage biomaterial with porous surface: An experimental study and environmental analysis
R Dhivagar, S Shoeibi, SM Parsa, S Hoseinzadeh, H Kargarsharifabad, ...
Renewable Energy 206, 879-889, 2023
Selecting efficient side of thermoelectric in pyramid-shape solar desalination units incorporated phase change material (PCM), nanoparticle, turbulator with battery storage …
SM Parsa, A Yazdani, D Javadi, M Afrand, N Karimi, HM Ali
Journal of Energy Storage 51, 104448, 2022
Effectiveness of solar water disinfection in the era of COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) pandemic for contaminated water/wastewater treatment considering UV effect and temperature
SM Parsa, S Momeni, A Hemmat, M Afrand
Journal of Water Process Engineering 43, 102224, 2021
Mega-scale desalination efficacy (Reverse Osmosis, Electrodialysis, Membrane Distillation, MED, MSF) during COVID-19: Evidence from salinity, pretreatment methods, temperature …
SM Parsa
Journal of Hazardous Materials Advances 9, 100217, 2023
Solar desalination/purification (solar stills, humidification-dehumidification, solar disinfection) in high altitude during COVID19: Insights of gastrointestinal manifestations …
SM Parsa, F Norozpour, AH Elsheikh, AE Kabeel
Journal of Hazardous Materials Advances 10, 100259, 2023
A novel solar desalination system equipped with thermoelectric generator, reflectors and low-cost sensible energy-storage for co-production of power and drinking water
S Shoeibi, M Saemian, SM Parsa, M Khiadani, SAA Mirjalily, ...
Desalination 567, 116955, 2023
A comprehensive study to find the optimal fraction of nanoparticle coated at the interface of solar desalination absorbers: 5E and GHGs analysis in different seasons
SM Parsa, F Norouzpour, S Shoeibi, A Shahsavar, S Aberoumand, Z Said, ...
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 256, 112308, 2023
Advanced nanostructured materials in solar interfacial steam generation and desalination against pathogens: Combatting microbial-contaminants in water–A critical review
SM Parsa, F Norouzpour, S Momeni, S Shoeibi, X Zeng, Z Said, W Guo, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 11 (34), 18046-18080, 2023
Chemical potential of different phases inside the pyramid stepped basin solar still through gibbs free energy
S Shanmugan, J Djuansjah, M Ahmadein, NA Alsaleh, SM Parsa, ...
Case Studies in Thermal Engineering 49, 103277, 2023
Lithium-ion battery thermal management via advanced cooling parameters: State-of-the-art review on application of machine learning with exergy, economic and environmental analysis
SM Parsa, F Norozpour, S Shoeibi, A Shahsavar, S Aberoumand, ...
Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers, 104854, 2023
Enhancement in vanadium redox flow battery performance using reduced graphene oxide nanofluid electrolyte
S Aberoumand, D Dubal, P Woodfield, SM Parsa, K Mahale, HD Pham, ...
Journal of Energy Storage 72, 108343, 2023
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