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Maciej D±browski
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Ultrafast Microscopy: Imaging Light with Photoelectrons on the Nano–Femto Scale
M Dabrowski, Y Dai, H Petek
J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 8, 4446–4455, 2017
Oscillatory magnetic anisotropy due to quantum well states in thin ferromagnetic films
M Przybylski, M D±browski, U Bauer, M Cinal, J Kirschner
Journal of Applied Physics 111 (7), 07C102, 2012
Experimental confirmation of quantum oscillations of magnetic anisotropy in Co/Cu (001)
U Bauer, M D±browski, M Przybylski, J Kirschner
Physical Review B 84 (14), 144433, 2011
Ultrafast Microscopy of Spin-Momentum-Locked Surface Plasmon Polaritons
HP Yanan Dai, Maciej D±browski, Vartkess A. Apkarian
ACS Nano 12, 6588-6596, 2018
Oscillations of the orbital magnetic moment due to d-band quantum well states
M D±browski, TRF Peixoto, M Pazgan, A Winkelmann, M Cinal, ...
Physical review letters 113 (6), 067203, 2014
Ultrafast photoemission electron microscopy: Imaging plasmons in space and time
M Dabrowski, Y Dai, H Petek
Chemical Reviews 120 (13), 6247-6287, 2020
Multiphoton photoemission microscopy of high-order plasmonic resonances at the Ag/vacuum and Ag/Si interfaces of epitaxial Ag nanowires
M D±browski, Y Dai, A Argondizzo, Q Zou, X Cui, H Petek
ACS Photonics 3 (9), 1704-1713, 2016
Coherent transfer of spin angular momentum by evanescent spin waves within antiferromagnetic NiO
M D±browski, T Nakano, DM Burn, A Frisk, DG Newman, C Klewe, Q Li, ...
Physical review letters 124 (21), 217201, 2020
Effect of quantum well states in Cu overlayer on magnetic anisotropy of Fe and Co films revisited
S Manna, PL Gastelois, M D±browski, P Ku¶wik, M Cinal, M Przybylski, ...
Physical Review B 87 (13), 134401, 2013
Truncating mutations in exons 20 and 21 of OFD1 can cause primary ciliary dyskinesia without associated syndromic symptoms
Z Bukowy-Bieryllo, A Rabiasz, M Dabrowski, A Pogorzelski, A Wojda, ...
Journal of medical genetics 56 (11), 769-777, 2019
Magnetization profile across Au-covered bcc Fe films grown on a vicinal surface of Ag (001) as seen by x-ray resonant magnetic reflectivity
E Jal, M D±browski, JM Tonnerre, M Przybylski, S Grenier, N Jaouen, ...
Physical Review B 87 (22), 224418, 2013
Ultrafast microscopy of a plasmonic spin skyrmion
Y Dai, Z Zhou, A Ghosh, K Kapoor, M D±browski, A Kubo, CB Huang, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1912.03826, 2019
Magnetic states and magnetization reversal in magnetostatically coupled multilayers with low perpendicular anisotropy
M Tekielak, M D±browski, M Kisielewski, V Maziewski, A and Zablotskii
Journal of Applied Physics 107, 083911, 2010
Nanoscale guiding and shaping of indium droplets
M D±browski, Y Dai, M Hocevar, S Frolov, H Petek
Applied Physics Letters 109, 261602, 2016
Noncollinearity of the canted spins across ultrathin Fe films on vicinal Ag surfaces
E Jal, M D±browski, JM Tonnerre, M Przybylski, S Grenier, N Jaouen, ...
Physical Review B 91 (21), 214418, 2015
Optical field tuning of localized plasmon modes in Ag microcrystals at the nanofemto scale
Y Dai, M D±browski, H Petek
The Journal of Chemical Physics 152 (5), 2020
Fine-tuning of canted magnetization in stepped Fe films through thickness variation, Au capping, and quantum confinement
M D±browski, M Cinal, AK Schmid, J Kirschner, M Przybylski
Physical Review B 99 (18), 184420, 2019
Canted stripe phase evolution due to a spin reorientation transition in Fe films grown on Ag (001) vicinal surface
M D±browski, M Cinal, M Przybylski, G Chen, AT N'Diaye, AK Schmid, ...
Physical Review B 93 (6), 064414, 2016
Complex anisotropy and magnetization reversal on stepped surfaces probed by the magneto-optical Kerr effect
U Bauer, M Dabrowski, M Przybylski, J Kirschner
Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials 323 (11), 1501-1508, 2011
Properties of Non-Aminoglycoside Compounds Used to Stimulate Translational Readthrough of PTC Mutations in Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia
M Dabrowski, Z Bukowy-Bieryllo, CL Jackson, E Zietkiewicz
International journal of molecular sciences 22 (9), 4923, 2021
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